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  42. distinct genetic profuke of IBC vs.non-IBC
  43. distinct genetic profile of IBC vs.non-IBC
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  45. results of giving intensive chemo and radiation tx simultaneously for early IBC
  46. when tykerb/xeloda don't work, what next?
  47. Weizmann Institute scientists discover a control mechanism for metastasis
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  51. how does IBC compare between US and Egyptian patients
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  53. PET/CT found exceedingly sensitive of picking up early spread of inflammatory bc
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  59. NFKbeta genes have major role in IBC
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  63. from ASCO--the latest on lapatinib for IBC
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  65. important new finding in IBC--increase in antiapoptosis protein occurs w herceptin
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  67. first ever international meeting on inflammatory bc and its in Texas in December!
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  73. MD Anderson author recommends initial staging PET/CT for newly diagnosed IBC
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  76. Please help future Occupational Therapists!
  77. new article on prognostic importance (or lack of it) of her2 +ivity on IBC
  78. Looking for HER2 sister
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  81. results of trial of Lapatinib for IBC --Lani (having trouble logging in)
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  94. fusing a bacterial toxin from pseudomonas to herceptin makes a powerful, specific
  95. more on AI induced joint pains and carpal tunnel syndrome
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  97. Tarceva effective inhibiting IBC mets ( in laboratory mice)
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  105. Bleeding from the mets?
  106. inflammatory bc may be tied to HMTV (human mammary tumor virus)!!
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  108. SAHA seems to be effective in IBC especially in skin mets
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  111. just placed on hospice
  112. Phase II reuslts for neoadjuvant lapatinib alone, followed by lapat+paclitaxel 4 IBC
  113. upcoming: Second International Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symposium.
  114. Confused by Onc.
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  117. DIEP Flap anyone?
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  121. new targets being discovered for inflammatory bc
  122. high resolution comparative genomic hybridization of IBC identifies candidate genes
  123. Identification of genes responsible for IBC--open access article
  124. Her2 and brain mets
  125. ALERT1: higher rate of contralateral (other breast) bc in those with IBC vs non-IBCbc
  126. ALERT!: higher rate of contralateral (other breast) bc in those with IBC vs non-IBCbc
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  132. primary driver of rapid metastasis in IBC may have been identified
  133. ALK signalling pathway linked to IBC, may drive metastasis
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  138. Vitamin D treatment may have potential to decrease rate and incidence of mets in IBC!
  139. ibc triple neg...eeeek newbie
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  141. Univ of Washington 131 Trial Still open
  142. results of lapatinib+pazopanib vs lapatinib trial in IBC
  143. Quantum Dots delivery of Vitamin D "search and destroy" vs IBC
  144. hydrophilic status may increase progression-free survival in IBC
  145. Can statin use increase chances of breast cancer?
  146. Entinostat and Lapatinib for HER2-Positive Advanced Disease
  147. promising new trial for inflammatory bc (starting w Stage IVs)
  148. new trial (proposed @ MD Anderson) using statin during radiation therapy for IBC
  149. I have just posted on a new Achilles heeel for her2+ bc --IBC also
  150. PDV1 expression in inflammatory bc potentially opens doors to new treatments,
  151. BC survivor looking for participants for BC research study
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