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  1. Welcome To Our New Board
  2. BCIRG 006 Trial
  3. To Carrie
  4. hot flashes
  5. To Nancy
  6. Hot flashes
  7. HER-2/neu studies
  8. clinical trial
  9. Portland Oregon
  10. Thanks Mary! eom
  11. Clinical Trial N 9831
  12. jennifer-clinical trial
  13. infusion trial of herceptin
  14. To Cecelia
  15. Lokking for a clinical trial for her 2 neu cancers
  17. Infiltrating lobular carcinoma pleomorphic - inflamatory ???
  18. University of Washington - Vaccine Study
  19. European Vaccine Trial
  20. Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Early Clinical Trial
  21. Change in UW study to include more patients
  22. HERA or Off Protocol Herceptin
  23. need help we want to survive
  24. any way to find her2 vaccine in iran???
  25. HERA Trial - UK
  26. AUTO-VAC HER2 Vaccine Phase I Trials A Success
  27. HERA Trial - Austria
  28. GW52076
  29. Is anyone taking oral GW572016?
  30. Off-protocol herceptin in Canada
  31. To Merridith & Christine Adams
  32. Telomerase Tumor Antigen Vaccine
  34. Financial Responsibility for Adverse Reactions
  35. Vaccine Performs Well In Phase I
  37. To Barb
  38. Anybody have new information about herceptin?
  39. APC8024 Shows Promising Results
  40. Windber Medical Center HER-2 Vaccine Program Is Recruiting
  41. APC8024 Clinical Trial Contact Info
  42. University of Washington Vaccine Cross-Link
  43. Intravenous Vegf Trap
  44. Clinical Trials for Herceptin/Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer
  45. got the 2 yr arm so happy!!!!!
  46. Randomized for Herceptin
  47. after thought
  48. Thanks for your posting Merridith
  49. Hi Vicki
  50. Wow! What similarities Merridith
  51. herceptin trial
  52. support for us all
  53. What isHigh Risk/Node-neg. Off-protocol herceptin in Canada
  54. hera trial / herceptin
  55. Herceptin Trial for Node Neg/Stage I bc
  56. Lapatinib
  57. clinical trials
  58. herceptin trial - Andrea York
  59. Who is Paul
  60. Sorry to be devil\'s advocate...
  61. dHER2 vaccine trial closes
  62. I\'m Paul!
  63. Sorry to be angel\'s advocate...
  64. Glad to hear from you Paul. How is your mother doing?
  65. Herceptin/Vaccine Study - Anyone Enrolled?
  66. OOPS! Andrea York\'s contact number
  67. Herceptin Avastin results so far
  68. judie
  69. CT results-Avastin & Taxol Trial
  70. HLA A2 Positive
  71. Her2 Vaccine Trial
  72. good news
  73. Carol...You too keep me posted...eom
  74. Vaccine Study benefits for HLA A2 Positive people
  75. Decision on Vaccine/Herceptin Trial
  76. Barbara
  77. University of Washington Study
  78. Thanks Brian
  79. Andrea \"\"taking time off\"\"
  80. oops BRIAN and Lisa :)
  81. Univ of WA study
  82. Taxol and Avastin Trial
  84. New website for trials results
  85. Yeah!
  86. Univ of Vaccine Wash Study
  87. suspended only for new patients
  88. Esther
  89. Reason for Suspension...
  90. Is this a change in eligibility requirements for the vaccine
  91. No Change Different Study?
  92. Wonderful news Brian!
  93. Herceptin Use and Prognosis for Stage IV
  94. University of Washington Vaccine Trial
  95. herceptin
  96. APC8024 Immunotherapy Shows Promise
  97. For Those About To Undergo Whole Brain Radiation
  98. 2 different trials for anyone dx'd w/bc
  99. Looking to either get Herceptin or Vaccine
  100. herceptin trial or vaccine trial
  101. Input Needed For Clinical Trials
  102. HLA typing
  103. arnesyltransferase inhibitor SCH 66336
  104. Scheduled for First Her2 Vaccine!
  105. My mom
  106. Old Clinical Trials
  107. First Vaccine, UW/Seattle
  108. Lapatinib Trial
  109. Mary Crawford Memorial
  110. U of W clinical study
  111. Phase II of adjuvant AC/Pac?herceptin?
  112. Biotech giant to begin trials
  113. What do you think of this info?
  114. Seattle Here I Come!
  115. 2nd Vaccine
  116. PA Vaccine
  117. Lapatinib for Metastatic Brain Tumors
  118. vaccine trials in Australia
  119. Are there any vaccine trials in the midwest??
  120. Her2 Vaccine/Herceptin, UW Seattle
  121. DNA Her2 Vaccines
  122. Journal of Translational Medicine
  123. Phase II Abraxane/Herceptin trial Announced
  124. Trial E75 Breast Cancer Vaccine
  125. Herceptin and Avastin
  126. Halichondrin B, E7389
  127. Her2 Vaccine/Herceptin, UW Seattle
  128. trial for a potent new anticancer drug
  129. Ariad begins cancer study of AP23573
  130. Generex begins testing new vaccine
  131. New approach shown to be highly effective
  132. Phase II Stage IV study perifosine & herceptin
  133. New Clinical Trial Service
  134. investigational drug CCI-779 and letrozole
  135. investigational drug CCI-779 and letrozole, New Cl
  136. new vaccine trial
  137. another vaccine trial
  138. herceptin
  139. UW Seattle Vaccine Trial
  140. Upcoming UW Trial Includes Brain Mets People
  141. ER Negative / Her2 Positive
  142. Avastin and Herceptin
  143. clinical trial for inflamatory BC
  144. How often to get heart scans when using herceptin
  145. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  146. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  147. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  148. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  149. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  150. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  151. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  152. UW Vaccine Immune Response/Update
  153. OOOOPS!
  154. Herceptin Trial
  155. Clinical Trial- Tumor Vaccine Group, Seattle
  156. Not Eligible for UofW vaccine studies
  157. Side Effects
  158. peripheral nerve sheath sarcoma
  159. tarceva erlotinib
  160. UW Seattle/Vaccine
  161. Help!, Need A2 alelle information
  162. A Touch of Hope for Vaccine Recipients
  163. PV-10
  164. Vaccine Trial/Immune Response Update
  165. Anyone else in Herceptin+Avastin trial?
  166. Pharmexa Her2 Protein Autovac
  167. Exelexis XL647 to enter phase II trial
  168. Phase 1 trial of first biologic nanoparticle
  169. Improving The Potential Of Cancer Vaccines
  170. I am in the herceptin/avastin trial
  171. "Girls Club Meeting" in Seattle
  172. EGFR expression increased in ER+/PR- bc
  173. exciting new vaccine trial on the way
  174. Out of GW572016 Trial anyone know of anyting new?
  175. Is this onc for real? Herceptin weekly/everythree weeks trials
  176. Sonus starts key trial for breast cancer drug
  177. provecta trial
  178. Herceptin 2 years out from chemo
  179. KimDC, Susanne anyone else planning on E75 vaccine
  180. E75 Vaccine
  181. Abraxane/Carbo/Herceptin Trial Anyone?
  182. Clinical trials w/ immunotherapy for BC
  183. LAPATINIB - an update...
  184. To Lolly and Others on the UofW Vaccine
  185. To Lolly and Others on the Uof W vaccine
  186. HLA-positive testing?
  187. Cancer Vaccines: Decades of failure haven't extinguished hope for Vaccines
  188. Tarceva
  189. Provecta/PV10 in recurrent BC
  190. European Vaccine Trial
  191. Clinical Trial for Pre-Menopausal Women w/ BC
  192. Lapatinib-we need your help.
  193. Herceptin, post chemo or not?
  195. A Long List Of Trials - Clinical Trials.gov
  196. What will they think of next??
  197. audio from SABCS
  198. Walter Reed/Windber Medical Center Interim Vaccine Results
  199. Xanafide
  200. Vaccine trial and positive ANA
  201. HER2's with mets trial
  202. GSK Announces Worldwide Trials for Brain Mets
  203. In hospital psych counseling effects on immunity
  204. Tesmilifene wins fast track review
  205. BT blood test that may be more accurate than mammos
  206. My first UW vaccine trial
  207. 17-AAG at Sloan Kettering
  208. Clinical trial of trifunctional antibody in hormonally positive her2 patients
  209. Phase II Trial of Letrozole plus Tarceva
  210. Herceptin now being tried intrathecally (injected into the brain via the CSF)
  211. U of WA Protocol 109
  212. kat in the Delta
  213. Successful tests boost hope for cancer vaccine
  214. Clinical Trial for PTEN-deficient Mets progressing on trastuzumab-based therapy
  215. Personalized Treatment Trial....TAILORx
  216. Clinical trial for Pre menopausal Women who are ER+, PR+ to compare tamoxifen with ov
  217. denosumab - exciting option for bone mets
  218. Her-2 Vaccine Papers
  219. New vaccine - patients stage III or in remission
  220. Lapatinib In Combination With Trastuzumab Versus Lapatinib Monotherapy In Subjects Wi
  221. ErbB2 Over-Expressing Metastatic Breast Cancer Study Using Paclitaxel, Trastuzumab...
  222. Study In Women And Men With Metastatic Breast Cancer That Have Overexpression Of ErbB
  223. PTK787 + Trastuzumab for HER2 Overexpressing Metastatic Breast Cancer
  224. Lapatinib/Carboplatin/Paclitaxel in Previously Treated Ovarian or Breast Cancer...
  225. Phase I-II Study of Trastuzumab in Combination With RAD001 in Patients With HER-2...
  226. Navelbine, Taxol, Herceptin and Neupogen in Stage IV Breast Cancer: A Phase I - II...
  227. Vaccine Therapy With Either Neoadjuvant or Adjuvant Chemotherapy and Adjuvant Radiati
  228. Vaccine Therapy With Either Neoadjuvant or Adjuvant Chemotherapy and Adjuvant...
  229. Bevacizumab and Trastuzumab (Herceptin®) in Treating Women With Relapsed or...
  230. Lonafarnib, Trastuzumab, and Paclitaxel in Treating Patients With HER2/neu-...
  231. Michele and other Stage IIIb, IIIc and IV patients...
  232. Exercise trial
  233. Trial for high-risk NEDs
  234. More evidence breast implants pose no cancer risk
  235. Her 2 Protein Auto Vac?
  236. Trial for the HER2+ or HER2++ with advanced bc or mets
  237. Trial for stage IV - molecular detection of breast cancer cells
  238. New Phase II Trial of Combined Monoclonal Antibodies
  239. Life Insurance, purchasing additional amounts, after 4 times...
  240. Back Home from Seattle
  241. New vaccine trial starting
  242. Study to determine if genotype determines response to AI's
  243. Lapatinib EAP
  244. EAP - Tykerb, The list is growing
  245. Anyone Else Forced to Stop Herceptin?
  246. kat in the Delta
  247. for those w multiple brain mets--report of Phase I evaluation of new drug combination
  248. JOe Please help : Need to find sites in The Nethelands for Tykerb EAP
  249. Clinical Trial - Herceptin use in Stage I BC - Post Menopausal Women
  250. strategies for delaying or treating acquired resistance to Herceptin outlined!!