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  1. This Forum
  2. Live Webcast from The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
  3. Sabcs
  4. Circulating Tumor Cells
  5. Another Live Webcast from San Antonio Sunday December 17th
  6. Basics on San Antonio
  7. Walter Reed Cancer Vaccine
  8. Arimidex Plus trastuzumab (Phase III TAnDEM study results)
  9. Lapatinib Effective for Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Presented at SABCS
  10. Analysis: Breast-cancer vaccine advancing
  11. Breast cancer drop tied to hormones
  12. Roche's Xeloda, Avastin in combination offer cancer patients clinical benefit
  13. Comparison, ACT + Herceptin, TC + Herceptin
  14. 2006 Komen Brinker Awards
  15. Tests predict breast-cancer response
  16. perspectives
  17. Hsp90 Inhibitor, Tanespimycin
  18. Ending Periods Helps Cancer Survival
  19. SABCS: Anthracycline May Be Superfluous in Breast Cancer Regimens
  20. Aromasin May Cut Breast Cancer Return
  21. Pill Fights Deadly Breast Cancer
  22. Less-toxic remedies gain in battle on breast cancer
  23. Chemo regimen found inferior
  24. High Breast Density Puts Women With DCIS at High Risk of Contralateral Invasive Breas
  25. from San Antonio--new way to evaluate lymph nodes 4 mets with intraoperative results!
  26. one of the big topics at SABCS:epigenetics producing clinical results>80%responserate
  27. ***12/24/01 was the launch of...***
  28. More San Antonio Summaries
  29. ASCO 2007 Highlights
  30. Her2 Posters Utilizing VeraTag Assays to be presented at SABCS
  31. San Antonio Meeting 2007
  32. San Antonio Meeting 2007
  33. Abstracts Available on Line
  34. Her2 Recurrence Rates pre-Herceptin
  35. The Effects of vaginal estrogens on plasma estradiol levels in women taking AI's
  36. Increased prevalance of retinal hemorrages among anastrozole users
  37. Milk Products are a Source of Dietary Progesterone
  38. Some With Breast Cancer Can Skip Chemo
  39. SABCS to be renamed
  40. High Dose Chemo Doesn't Help Breast Cancer
  41. Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  42. A Call to scrap Anthracyclines in Breast Cancer
  43. Naviscan's PEM Flex(TM) Scanner Shows Promise
  44. Genetic Test predicts when chemo benefit to spread to lymph nodes
  45. Survival Benefit of Docetaxel Over Doxorubicin in Breast Cancer
  46. promise in reducing side effects from anastrozole
  47. New Website for Brain Metastases
  48. HER2 Vaccine Show Promise in Preliminary Testing
  49. Stem Cells in Breast Cancer
  50. Shorter Radiation Breast Cancer treatment
  51. Comparison of joint problems as reported by patients in a randomised adjuvant trial
  52. Impact of ERBB2 on prognosis and microarray data
  53. The clinical significance of polysomy 17 in the HER2+ N9831 intergroup adjuvant trast
  54. Mechanism of action of herceptin killing of HER-2+ breast cancer cells under in vitro
  55. Gene testing for b/c in men
  56. AI's in early breast cancer toxicity and adherence
  57. Only HER2 Breast Cancer benefits from Adrymycian
  58. Pregnancy May Dampen Breast Cancer Survival
  59. Recurrence in Node-Positive Breast Cancer Treated With Tamoxifen
  60. HER2 Homodimer and HER2 Total Protein Assays
  61. Change in annual recurrence rates over the last 10 years - NORA study
  62. Long-term data show superiority of anastrazole over tamoxifen in early breast cancer
  63. Zometa Offers Three Years of Bone Benefit
  64. Some Women Get Less Benefit from Tamoxifen
  65. Genomics Helps Predict Best Treatment
  66. High Dose Fulvestrant reduces tumor growth
  67. Progesterone in Dairy Products Poses Risks
  68. Treatment With Zoledronic Acid Prevents Aromatase Inhibitor-Caused Bone Loss
  69. Herceptin Helps Women with Multiple Chromosomes Containing HER2 Gene
  70. Most Doctors' Breast Exams Fail Test
  71. Male relatives carry risk from breast cancer genes: study
  72. Amgen Bone Drug Shows Promise
  73. male breast cancer remains below the radar.
  74. Drugs Cut Bone Loss of Hormone Therapy
  75. Benefits of Screening Mammography Extend Past Age 70
  76. Docetaxel (Taxotere) Outdoes Doxorubicin (Adriamycin)
  77. Zoledronic Acid Prevents Bone Loss during Endocrine Therapy
  78. Shorter Adjuvant Radiation Course Found Safe and Effective After Lumpectomy
  79. High-Dose Chemo Gets Final Nail in Its Coffin
  80. Aromatase Inhibitor Benefit Continues After End of Treatment
  81. Stem Cells Used to Fix Breast Defects
  82. Anastrozole, marketed as Arimidex, produces better results than tamoxifen
  83. Roche Says Avastin Safe in Trials With Chemotherapy (Update1)
  84. To Remove or Not to Remove: Scientists Report on Signs That May Guide Lymph Node Deci
  85. Targeting EGFR in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
  86. Ten Years of Tamoxifen May Be Better than Five, but Questions Remain
  87. Breast Cancer Patients Benefit From Continued Use of Herceptin After Progression
  88. Xeloda(R), Taxotere(R) and Herceptin(R) Combination Study Suggests Clinical Benefit i
  89. Herceptin Helps Women With Multiple Chromosomes Containing HER2 Gene, Study Finds
  90. The TEACH (Tykerb Evaluation After CHemotherapy) trial
  91. Addition of Xeloda to Herceptin and Docetaxel
  92. HERmark Presents Assay Results In Metastatic Breast Cancer
  93. New Drug to Prevent Bone Loss Caused by Breast Cancer Treatment
  94. Agent Aims at Restoring Hormone-Sensitive Status of Breast Cancer Tumor Cells
  95. Tykerb shows more brain benefits
  96. Drug Combination Shrinks Breast Cancer Metastases In Brain
  97. Five-Year Cutoff on Tamoxifen Adjuvant Therapy Called Off Base Advice
  98. Importance Of Emotional/educational Needs Among Women With Advanced Breast Cancer
  99. Further Development of INCB7839 as a New Oral Treatment for Breast Cancer
  100. IHC versus FISH
  101. Brazilian team finds Herceptin cost effective
  102. Several Articles from San Antonio
  103. BC patients w/1-3 positive nodes and low risk 70-gene profile have excellent survival
  104. Confirmatory Tissue Biopsy for BC mets strongly recommended
  105. Multidisciplinary management of menopause symptoms after breast cancer
  106. For R.B - Her2 and fatty acid synthase in bc cells
  107. Brenda's Story Featured!
  108. Multiple Studies Reinforce Clinical Utility of Oncotype
  109. Gene Test Can Indicate Whether Tamoxifen Can Fight Breast Cancer
  110. Fat-Derived Stem Cells Used for Breast Reconstruction
  111. Men Can Also Be Carriers Of Breast Cancer Genes
  112. Proteomic Blood Test Detects Breast Cancer in Early Trial
  113. US Oncology Research Network Presents Clinical Studies
  114. Outcome of HER-2-positive breast cancer tied to hormone receptor status
  115. Arimidex most effective in breast cancer study
  116. Tykerb Targets Cancer Stem Cells
  117. 2008 ASCO Patient Advocate Scholarships Available
  118. More Advocacy Opportunities at ASCO
  119. ASCO 2008 - The Group Room
  120. Avastin shows promise in HER2- breast cancer
  121. HER2 Survival Rates - We've come a long way
  122. HER2/HR status & FEC & paclitaxel
  123. Incidence of Heart Failure from Herceptin does not increase over time
  124. Drug enhances several therapies
  125. Early stage BC and Zometa trial results
  126. Antivascular activity of lapatinib and bevacizumab in primary microcluster cultures
  127. San Antonio Abstracts on line Early
  128. A distinct inflammatory marker pattern in patients with AI-induced muculoskeletal sym
  129. The effect of intermittent versus continuous energy restriction on biomarkers of bc
  130. Normal breast tissue from bc patients express HER1-4 protein concentrations character
  131. survival outcomes in HER2 positive breast cancer patients with low grade, nn tumors
  132. Metastasis-associated microtentacles are induced by Tau
  133. HER2 homodimer levels correlate w/time to first recurrence in HER2+ bc w/o Herceptin
  134. Prognostic value of Ki-67 in ER+ grade 2 tumors
  135. Decreased TGF signaling and increased COX2 expression in dense breasts
  136. HER-2+ DCIS phenotypes and the transition from in situ to invasive breast cancer
  137. Using mathematical models to understand the time dependence of the growth of DCIS
  138. The pattern of metastatic spread among breast cancer sub-types
  139. Influence of zoledronic acid on disseminated tumor cells (DTC) in primary bc
  140. Clinical outcomes of patients with T1N0 breast cancers: how important are biological
  141. Estimating recurrences prevented from using trastuzumab in adjuvant bc in the USA
  142. Reduction of chemotherapy side effects with a calcium phosphate nanoparticle delivery
  143. MG28, a novel fatty acid synthase inhibitor, overcomes resistance to anti-HER therapy
  144. Neratinib (HKI-272), an irreversible pan erbB receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor
  145. Determination of HER2 amplification - when should chromosome 17 also be determined
  146. Lapatinib can activate or supress estrogen receptor (ER) signaling in cell models of
  147. Intermittent treatment of hormone-dependent breast cancer using exemestane
  148. Deletion of STAT5 prevents HER2/Neu/ErbB2-induced mammary tumor development
  149. Breast tumor cells with PI3K mutation or HER2 amplification are selectively addicted
  150. electro-acupuncture for aromatase inhibitor related arthralgia in bc survivors
  151. Study on survival times for stage IV bc over 3 decades
  152. Hercetpin tx for recurrence free patients with persistent DTC in bone marrow
  153. Trastuzumab treatment in elderly patients with advanced breast cancer
  154. Trastuzumab 6 mg/kg and 4 mg/kg can be infused safely over 30 minutes
  155. HER2 positive early breast cancers: tumour demographics and trastuzumab therapy
  156. Combination antiHER therapeutics efficacy of alternative dosing regimens in ER+/HER2
  157. Evaluation of aromatase expression in mammographically dense and non-dense regions of
  158. Histologic markers of mammographic breast density: core-needle biopsy tissue from
  159. Tumor necrosis factor transactivates ErbB2 in breast cancer cells
  160. Reliable data on 5- and 10-year survival provides accurate estimates of 15-year survi
  161. BC patients unknowingly dosing themselves with estrogen by using topical moisturizers
  162. San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2008
  163. RFA of lumpectomy cavities: technique to increase negative margins
  164. Complications of methylene blue dye infiltration for sentinel lymph node biopsy in bc
  165. BCafter stopping estrogen plus progestin in postmenopausal women in the whi
  166. A novel breast tissue feature strongly associated with risk of breast cancer
  167. HER-2 expression on circulating tumor cells in metastatic breast cancer
  168. Behaviour and metastatic potential of Her2+ and Her2-(CETC) during adjuvant therapy
  169. HER2 Support Group Awards 2 Scholarships
  170. Metastatic potential of Her2+ and Her2- CETC released during primary systemic chemo
  171. Abundance and distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in breast tissue
  172. Is metabolic syndrome the link between obesity and postmenopausal breast cancer?
  173. Promoter hypermethylation is an early event in breast carcinogenesis
  174. The addition of zoledronic acid to neoadjuvant chemotherapy may influence pathologica
  175. Remarkable complete pathologic response rate in Her2+ stage II/III pts in phase II tr
  176. HER-2/neu expression/amplification is not stable during tumor progression
  177. PR receptor levels are associated with time to AI treatment failure
  178. HER2 amplification does not alter outcome in small (1 cm) tumors
  179. HER2 amplification predicts breast cancer recurrence but not overall survival
  180. Low penetrance breast cancer predisposition SNPs are site specific
  181. Pooled cardiac safety analysis of patients with HER2+ MBC receiving trastuzumab
  182. San Antonio Abstract on-Significant increased recurrence rates among breast cancer ..
  183. SABC another abstract on her2+ early stage outcomes...
  184. Drinking more green tea after reading this abstract
  185. Musa Meyer's Blog on SABCS
  186. Breast Cancer Podcasts.
  187. Presence of an in-situ component is associated with reduced biological aggressiveness
  188. The coamplification pattern of HER2/NEU amplicon and its clinical significance
  189. Tumor size vs Her2 amplification in post-meno, ER+ tamoxifen tx pts
  190. CYP2D6 pharmacogenetics stratifies tamoxifen treatment outcome
  191. The timing of recurrence after the surgery of breast cancer
  192. Is there a promotion of metastasis by autologeous breast reconstruction in patients?
  193. Soreness and sensitivity to sun exposure 10 to 16 years after breast cancer radiother
  194. Radiofrequency ablation of early breast cancer followed by delayed surgical resection
  195. Chronobiological rhythms of cytokines level of breast cancer
  196. Primary endocrine therapy versus chemo in postmen pts w/ ER+ bc: 5 yr results
  197. Testosterone protection: Salivary hormone levels in newly diagnosed breast cancer pts
  198. Combined ER and HER-targeted therapy in breast cancer treatment
  199. Anthracyclines in Early Breast Cancer: Patient Perspectives and Expert Debate
  200. Cognitive function in postmenopausal women receiving adjuvant letrozole or tamoxifen
  201. Treatment of node-negative infra-centimetric HER2+ invasive breast carcinomas
  202. PIK3CA gene expression signature and prognosis within the luminal-B ER+ bc
  203. Expression profile of CTC and corresponding tumors in primary breast cancer patients
  204. trastuzumab-related cardiac dysfunction in the HERA Trial with 3.6 years follow- up
  205. trial of acupuncture for the management of AI associated joint symptoms
  206. Association between HER2/neu overexpression and calcifications in breast cancer
  207. Evaluation of Adjuvant! Online to predict the effect of optimal endocrine therapy
  208. Risk factors associated with trastuzumab-associated cardiac toxicity
  209. HER-2/neu in tissue and serum at time of primary diagnosis of breast cancer
  210. Long-term follow-up and factors of survival of HER-2 positive breast cancer patients
  211. Response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and outcome based on breast cancer subtype
  212. Trastuzumab cardiotoxicity: FDA review
  213. Sensitivity to endocrine therapy of PR+/ER- patients and ER+/PR- patients with HER2+
  214. Weight gain after adjuvant TAC (docetaxel, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide) chemo
  215. Surgery vs primary endocrine therapy for elderly women
  216. Off-label drug use in women with breast cancer
  217. Phase II study of trastuzumab-DM1: Final results
  218. Pertuzumab monotherapy following trastuzumab-based treatment
  219. The role of systemic treatment after whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT) in bc patients
  220. Complications associated with erythropoietin stimulating agents in mbc patients
  221. Long-term treatment with intravenous bisphosphonates in metastatic breast cancer
  222. Risk and cost of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity among breast cancer patients in
  223. Data on REOLYSINŽ Clinical Trials at ASCO Conference
  224. Cancer stem cells: consensus at ASCO?
  225. Article from Orlando
  226. ASCO: New Drug Class Promising in Breast Cancer
  227. Cancer Drugs: News from ASCO
  228. Roche's Herceptin Promises New Use
  229. Roche Presents Several Abstracts for New Targeted Cancer Drugs at ASCO
  230. Small molecule inhibitor shows promise in trastuzumab-resistant metastatic breast can
  231. ASCO: Conflicting Data on Breast Cancer, Tamoxifen, SSRIs
  232. Phase III Trial Evaluating the Addition of Paclitaxel to Doxorubicin Followed by Cycl
  233. Oxidative Stress, Obesity, and Breast Cancer Risk: Results From the Shanghai Women's
  234. Immune-Based Lymphoma Treatment Shows Promise
  235. Peptide Vaccine
  236. registHER: Treatment outcomes in patients with HER2+ hormone+ MBC
  237. Characteristics of subsequent breast cancers in patients with benign breast disease
  238. Comparison of ER, PR, HER2 in primary and paired metastatic lesions
  239. Brain metastases in breast cancer: Different survival by biological subtype and Ki67
  240. What is the evidence for rechallenging with anthracyclines or taxanes in MBC?
  241. Differential timing and patterns of recurrence among breast cancer subtypes
  242. ASCO: Micrometastases Signal Need to Treat in Early Breast Cancer
  243. Breast Cancer Bombshell: Vulcan-Backed BiPar Wows Scientists, Helps Women Live Longer
  244. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Presents Promising Data From Its Phase II Bavituximab Breas
  245. Wyeth Donates $100,000 to ASCO Cancer Foundation to Support Cancer Prevention and Car
  246. Impressive survival data with semimetronomic oral chemo
  247. Chinese herbal medicine LC07 treating hand-foot syndrome
  248. Cardiac safety of the lapatinib/letrozole combination
  249. Concordant HER2 status between malignant CSF cells and primary breast carcinoma tissu
  250. Multifactorial CNS relapse susceptibility in HER2-positive breast cancer patients