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  1. Gremlins in the "neighborhood" cause cancers to grow
  2. Fish Oil may help with apoptosis--may help chemotherapy work better
  3. mTOR inhibitors synergistic with letrozole
  4. "I've seen this movie"
  5. "WE are confident vaccine prevents bc by preventing her2+ DCIS shows efficacy
  6. Lymphedema Risk Greatly Increased With Boost of Radiation to the Axillary Nodes
  7. Predicting Risk of Local Recurrence
  8. Bbc--red Meat Intake Linked To Breast Cancer Risk
  9. possible efficacy of lower doses of docetaxel
  10. new drug in development works as well in her2+ bc in mice as paclitaxel, gemcitabine
  11. second article refuting Topo 2a,anthracycline sensitivity link
  12. British patients buying on line cancer drugs in Canada
  13. NEW CROSSTALK discovered--between ER AND ERBB4
  14. Antioxidants during radiation therapy
  15. new agent "Trojan horse" to prevent bone mets--clinical trials to begin within a year
  16. Life insurance for some breast cancer survivors
  17. new method for early detection of breast cancer
  18. for all breast cancer (her2+ patients not specifically)
  19. for all those to whom you have to explain why you are happy at today's news
  20. Who has chemobrain and how does it affect you and When did it start ? has it ended??
  21. Lapatinib:Current Status and Future Directions in Breast Cancer(in Oncologist nov 06)
  22. Golden Flax and Cancer. Why Does it Work?
  23. CMF chemotherapy no better than ovarian ablation in preventing brst cancer recurrence
  24. Germ - Chemo Combo Fights Cancer
  25. dogma--serial tumor markers not necessary
  26. MRI changes in brain detected for "chemobrain"
  27. Sorry if this is old news
  28. ER- vs ER+ - kinda old info
  29. Brain cancer:new hope with patient specific vaccine
  30. New accurate ultrasound technique to distinguish benign from malignant breast tumors
  31. Freezing Tumors That Cause Metastatic Cancer for long term relief
  32. New lower-radiation CT scan superior to mammograms at detecting breast cancer
  33. prevention of lung metastases
  34. Defect in Herceptin Vials
  35. Second opinion yields treatment changes for half of patients
  36. from the BBC: scary news that chemo kills more brain cells than cancer cells!
  37. Cancer survivors urged to maintain healthy weight...HMMMM
  38. success of gamma knife for brain mets greater if 3 or less mets
  39. radiofrequency ablation may improve survival in those with only liver mets
  40. Drug Holiday for Biphosphonates
  41. for those running out of options--sutent promising
  42. can a Mediterranean diet synergize with/replace herceptin in her2+ bc treatment?
  43. for those deciding between balloon catheter APBI and 7 week whole breast radiation
  44. cancer prognosis gene found to control fate of breast cell
  45. New brain surgery technique detects & removes more tumors
  46. Herb-Drug Interactions in Oncology: Focus on Mechanisms of Induction
  47. How to drink green tea & other issues
  48. Fewer Breast Biopsies
  49. From Cancerconsultants.com
  50. Quantification of Regulatory T Cells predicts relapse
  51. ***Tools for Understanding...the Articles of Interest***
  52. tea extracts protect against skin toxicity of radiation therapy
  53. 1 amazing case:metastatic her2 brst cn responding completely to herceptin monotherapy
  54. serum her2ECD test now shown to be prognostic in early brst cancer pts getting neoadj
  55. antiimpotence drugs unmask brst cancer cells to immune system &allow recogntn/attack!
  56. Biomarker predicts hormone positive bc survival
  57. Pro-vitamin E shown to be active against breast cancer cells
  58. new discovery re how lymph node metastasis occurs, how to prevent it
  59. for those requiring whole brain irradiation--lithium protects cognitive function
  60. Refractory liver cancer:promissing selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT)
  61. UK Insurance - Sorry You're Not Covered
  62. BREAST CANCER UPDATE 7 of 2006:expert interviews
  63. An other review of 2006 cancer treatment news by ASCO: CLINICAL CANCER ADVANCES 2006
  64. alpha-tocopheryl and HER2
  66. herceptin does cross the blood-brain barrier in certain circumstances
  67. For all the ER+/PR- couch potatoes . . .
  68. Accuracy of testing for HER2
  69. Where/who got $$ for BC research...
  70. change in treatment?
  71. Significant Decline in US Breast Cancer Rate
  72. ER/PR receptors and exercise and bc
  73. Prognosis and p27
  74. Possible new test for ER+, LN- for recurrence
  75. Boost for new cancer therapies
  76. Additional strategies for resistant HER2+, ER+
  77. Herceptin+Arimidex Improves HER2+ B/C Survival
  78. Expanded clearance of circulating cancer cell test (diagnostic & monitoring)
  79. low fat diet cuts bc relapse according to NCI's WINS study...
  80. SABCS Her2 Vaccine May Be Effective
  81. PANZEM:preclinical activity against brain cancer(with or without Temodar)
  82. Hercetin+Avastin:big 83.8% response rate in small phase 2 trial
  83. for those running out of options--the latest--from San Antonio
  84. for those with metastatic brst cancer deciding on whether to remove primary tumor
  85. New research supporting pH control as possible help in cancer treatment
  86. black tea derivative causes cell death of her2 breast cancer cells including ER+ones
  87. Modified neural stem cells as a future treatment help for metastatic cancer
  88. Mushrooms May Ward Off Breast Cancer...
  89. Mushrooms May Ward Off Breast Cancer...
  90. ***12/24/01 was the launch of...***
  91. CURCUMIN:recent update on Biological & Medicinal Properties
  92. yet one more thing to blame your mother for...not eating brussel sprouts & cancer
  93. A genomic explanation connecting "Mediterranean diet", olive oil and cancer: oleic...
  94. Scary--mechanism of how brain mets occur elucidated
  95. BC Cancer Risk Increases with Increased Circulating IGF-1
  96. Adding lapatinib to capecitabine cuts progression of advanced breast cancer
  97. Apoptosis Drugs Versus Cancer
  98. GlaxoSmithKline's breast cancer pill Tykerb could be earlier treatment - study
  99. today's big news includes tykerb as well as avastin
  100. ***CURIOUS...What do YOU think about this?"
  101. New monoclonal antibody halves breast cancer mets to lung in mice
  102. Housework can help you to beat breast cancer, women are told
  103. Novel approach to target all cancers
  104. Allergy medicine makes Gemzar work much better (in mice)
  105. Based on Pathologic chracterists of the cancer...
  106. exercise most efficacious in bc risk reduction in ER+PR- postmenopausal women
  107. Drop the French Fries....
  108. Epstein-Barr Virus May Be Linked to Breast Cancer
  109. Human Enzyme That Could Be Programmed To Kill Cancer Cells
  110. HER-2 virus based vaccine research at Duke university & U.of North Carolina
  111. Health benefits of herbs and spices: the past, the present, the future
  112. Second Opinions -
  113. Newly found mutation of HER-2/neu(also called ERBB2) in liver cancer & role of Tykerb
  114. First 5 available interviews from San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2006
  115. new type of radiation treatment for brain and spinal tumors/mets
  116. vit e may help her2 bc...
  117. Additional (excellent) interim results of neoadjuvant chemo+herceptin from MD Anderso
  118. BBC--herceptin shown to save lives (listen up NHS!!)
  119. sugar and fatty acid combo may provide one-two punch vs cancer(Johns Hopkins)
  120. herceptin for her2+ DCIS--the latest
  121. EGCG (from green tea) overcomes resistance to etoposide-induced cell death
  122. A Great Article on Lapatinib (Tykerb), Sounds Very Promising: SPECIAL REPORT: New Dru
  123. Researchers Identify Genes Associated with Bone Metastasis
  124. The age revolution: How to live to be 150
  125. tumor homing self-amplifying drug-carrying nanomolecules
  126. Peripheral Neuropathy:review & alternative treatments
  127. ASCO Releases Guideline Recommendations for HER-2 Testing (Dec 2006)
  128. think about this before putting milk in your tea!
  129. Green tea and Tamoxifen
  130. anticancer drugs in small heat sensitive fat bubbles quickly kill cancer cells
  131. Biomarkers without tissue removal....
  132. now its official--what to tell newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
  133. now its official--what to tell newly diagnosed breast cancer patients
  134. Potentialy important antiangiogenesis cocktail lab tested:brain cancer & retinopathy
  135. from the BBC: another way to use the cold virus against cancer
  136. new radioimmunotherapy to eradicate micromets after initial surgery
  137. the "cost" of cancer--I bet the her2group members could tell them a thing or 2!
  138. gene mutations predict treatment outcomes in...
  139. 2 drinks a day - 27% higher risk ?
  140. Cancern secrets uncovered
  141. Maybe you should read this study about G-CSF's
  142. normal weight with high fat isn't good for imflammatory factors like her2,arthritis..
  143. TGF-alpha causes tumor cells to become independent from EGF
  144. Researchers urge monitoring of bone health during chemotherapy
  145. Impact of constitutive IGF1/IGF2 stimulation on the transcriptional program of human
  146. Nanoparticles continue to yield delivery tools for therapeutic nucleic acids
  147. the sins(or white bread and even flaxseed) of our mothers
  148. Brain nerve stem cells against brain tumour?
  149. TACE targets EGFR signaling
  150. European study--housework decreases bc risk,occupational or recreatnl exercise doesnt
  151. decrease in Ki67 with neoadjuvant antihormonal treatment predicts outcome/prognosis
  152. Ventana Receives FDA Approval for Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody
  153. New drug for all types of cancer?
  154. Density Matters
  155. Interesting....
  156. Peptide Molecule .....
  157. Scientists at German Institute of Human Nutrition describe research in cancer therapy
  158. ***Opinions????***6 Lessons for Handling Stress/Cancer related????
  159. The power of fats - Trans fats - fertility -ovulation etc
  160. Breast Cancer Research Nears $1B Spent
  161. Exciting read
  162. "It's Not About You" - a Book to Help Teenagers Deal with their Mother's Breast Cance
  163. Gene based diagnostic & treatment selection flawed by inaccurate basic studies
  164. KI-67 Tumor levels....
  165. It may not be just for strong bones....
  166. Enhancing antiestrogen treatment with antiangiogenesis drugs:expert interview
  167. TAI CHI for peripheral neuropathy?
  168. Re-booting the malignant cells
  169. For those on, or considering, vaccine therapy
  170. Possible link between low fiber diets and pre-menopausal breast cancer
  171. Adjuvant radiation treatment was highly effective
  172. Inflammation And Cancer
  173. In my opinion, the best link for liver mets
  174. not just a one-two punch! nanomolecules multitask
  175. Supplements,food:interaction with cancer treatments
  176. Metronomic Cyclophosphamide may increase the efficacy of anticancer vaccines
  177. as we have suspected, relationship between diet and breast cancer depends on subtype
  178. more on vitamin D, calcium and breast cancer
  179. fiber appears to decrease risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women
  180. herceptin effect on her2+brst cancer also via CXCR4 (metast facilitator)
  181. Nature article on HER2
  182. Puzzling risks of Aranesp and other red cell boosters
  183. I have said from the begining of my dx. it is not about size...
  184. Pre/or/Post - I think fibre proves to be good!
  185. possible need for caution with Conjugated linoleic acid supplements(info on dairytoo)
  186. Pregnancy simulating short term course of hormones protects mice against her2+BRST CA
  187. Improved hyperthermia may help preoperatively for early cancer
  188. Expert interview:Gene-Expression Signatures -Clinical Implications for Breast Cancer
  189. Breast Tissue Geometry:Toward a More Effective, Less Toxic Therapy
  190. ErbB2 Inhibitor Delays Breast Cancer Growth, Protects Against Metastasis
  191. Could glutamine supplementation enhance Herceptin therapy?
  192. Real or Bogus? Cure for Cancer Found But No One is Talking
  193. New Scientist...
  194. Tanscript of Conference on Sleep Problems
  195. Cancer Before 40: a Perplexing Paradigm
  196. Obesity drug helps advance cancer research
  197. Cancer testing robot...
  198. Lab mistake may lead to new cancer drug...
  199. Breast cancer vaccine hope raised with bacteria-like agents
  200. Study Finds Flaws In Cancer Clinical Trials
  201. What we are waiting for "A fingerprint"
  202. New BC gene found
  203. FDA Approves MammaPrint Test
  204. Webcasts of SABCS 2006 now available for viewing
  205. T-oligos apparently effective even in mouse model of Metastatic breast cancer
  206. gastrointestinal bacteria may play role in breast cancer
  207. way to make vaccines vs her2 work more effectively discovered
  208. more on risks associated with G-CSF and GM-CSF which support White blood cells wchemo
  209. more on risks associated with G-CSF and GM-CSF which support White blood cells wchemo
  210. Hormones slow breast cancer progression in mice
  211. curcumin (tumeric) may deplete her2
  212. flaxseed lignans inhibit estradiol induced growth, angiogenesis, and VEGF secretion
  213. Has anyone an opinion (or exprience with) on CCDRT test for chemo resistance
  214. Major advance:antibody J591 selectively targets tumor blood supply
  215. High potential discovery on gene therapy for metastatic liver tumors using adenovirus
  216. Concerns about Aranesp
  217. Platelets as reservoirs of angiogenesis & antiangiogenesis factors
  218. new(~) test (apparently requires fresh or fresh frozen tumor tissue)--start of more
  219. Gene Profiling Predicts Resistance To Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin
  220. Genistein alters growth factor signaling in transgenic prostate model (TRAMP).
  221. One more reason to by organic dairy (ties into the Herceptin resistance article)
  222. KetoCa a high fat diet for juvenile epylepsy is effective against braintumors in mice
  223. not her2specific or in humans, but good news on curcumin
  224. Some Cocoa May Improve Brain Blood Flow
  225. Microarray allows receptor mRNA levels to indicate breast cancer status
  226. Just Like My Grandmother always said....
  227. protein that determines effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of taxanes identified
  228. why targetting just one oncogene may fail
  229. Velcade also triggers anticancer immune response in cell experiments
  230. Zometa or Clodronate in low doses fight metastatic bone cancer from breast(mice test)
  231. Stem cells: root cause of all cancers & of resitance to all chemos?
  232. bone marrow staging and follow-up-- coming to the fore
  233. human papillloma virus and breast cancer (and her2 overexpression in HPV+ pap smears)
  234. PRIORITY REPORT--gene found which promotes/provokes metastasis in her2+ breast cancer
  235. Cold Springs Harbor researchers propose viruses which fuse cells produce cancer cells
  236. benefit of fruits/veges in diet may vary by breast cancer type--er+ vs ER-
  237. Oral vinorelbine+capecitabine for metastatic BC after failing anthracyclines/taxanes
  238. lysyl oxidase propeptide reverses the invasive phenotype of Her-2/neu-driven breast c
  239. cancer stem cells responsible for recurrences
  240. more concerns about drugs stimulating rbc production
  241. Caveolin-1 protein a new molecular target
  242. Incredibly small doses of extremely potent experimental anticancer chemical:FR901464
  243. Gene Expression profile....
  244. peptide vaccine prevents her2 tumors in mice, even stopped advanced tumors progressng
  245. Recent Discussion with Hope Rugo
  246. careful about generalizing, strenuous exercise decreases bc risk
  247. harnessing HIV protein to cause cancer cells to self-destruct
  248. results for pertuzumab in prostate cancer patients
  249. Microspheres for slow release vaccines & to cross the blood brain barrier
  250. Conflict of Interest, or Smarter Choices?