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  1. Purpose of This Board
  2. Biospace News
  3. Genzyme Recieves patent For HER2 Research
  4. Cancer Legal Resource Center
  5. Patient Advocacy
  6. National Cancer Institute
  7. Herceptin \"\"Off Protocol\"\" Considerations
  8. Her2 Vaccine Phase I Trial
  9. Good Web Site
  10. Study Cautions Use of Anti-Breast Cancer Drug
  11. RSR13 (efaproxiral) on Fast-Track for Brain Metastases
  12. Herceptin/Navelbine Effective in Early Breast Cancer
  13. Phase 1 Anti-HER-2 Vaccine (APC8024) Shows Clinical Benefit
  14. 2003 ASCO Annual Mtg. Abstracts Re: Breast Cancer Available
  15. Phase I Study of 2C4 (Omnitarg) Shows Positive Data
  16. U.S. Clinical Trials Relevant to HER2 Positive Breast Cancer
  17. International Clinical Trial For HER2 Positive Breast Cancer
  18. UCLA Combines Herceptin and Avastin in a Phase I/II Trial
  19. Personalized Prescriptions
  20. Breast Cancer Update Journal
  21. Commentary By Dennis J. Slamon MD PhD (BCU 8: 2002)
  22. Herceptin as a Monotherapy and other HER-2 BC Issues
  23. Q & A With Dr. Melody Cobleigh Re HER-2
  24. Q&A From BreastCancer.org Re 2003 ASCO Updates
  25. Living Well With Advance Metastatic Breast Cancer
  26. Phase III trial breast cancer vaccine Theratope failed
  27. New MRI Technology Detects Tiniest of Tumors
  28. Central nervous system metastases
  29. Breast Cancer Tumor Marker Testing (Genentech Inc.)
  30. 2000 Update of Recommendations for the Use of Tumor Markers
  31. ASCO Tumor Marker Overview
  32. Serum HER-2 Extracellular Domain Assay (HER-2 ECD)
  33. Study Helps Link Premenopausal Breast Cancer With Place Of B
  34. Aromatase Inhibitors in Breast Cancer -- An Overview
  35. Australian scientists in cancer breakthrough
  36. Excitement over cancer drug
  37. Cox-2 Inhibitors and Her2/neu
  38. Dendreon\'s Breast Cancer Immunotherapy APC8024
  39. New Generation of Treatments Show Promise For Cancer Patient
  40. Development of Herstatin
  41. Herceptin and Brain Metastasis
  42. HER-2 Breast Cancer Treatment Article
  43. Cancer Sleuthing
  44. Breast Cancer Screening
  45. Micro-mets compared to/same as Negative Nodes
  46. Occult Sentinel Node and Bone Marrow Micrometastases
  47. Breast Cancer Tumor Cells in Blood
  48. Cancer Control Journal -- Breast Cancer Issues
  49. Paul - Micro-mets compared to/same as Negative Nodes
  50. Cassandra- Micro-mets compared to/same as Negative Nodes
  51. Cure Magazine Online -- Summer 2003 Issue
  52. HER-2 and Cell Proliferation Relevant to Node Negative Cases
  53. Gene Testing May Ultimately Tailor Breast Cancer Treatment
  54. INGN 241 Drug Provides Multiple Routes to Cancer Death
  55. 2003 U.S. News & World Report Best Cancer Hospitals Edition
  56. FISH vs. IHC Testing to Determine HER-2 Positive Status
  57. Will Herceptin Work For You?
  58. What Kind of Testing is Available for HER-2 Testing?
  59. What is the FISH test and Why Would Someone Have It Done?
  60. FISH Testing May Be More Accurate Than IHC
  61. 2003 Annual ASCO Mtg. (Abstract 3626)
  62. 2003 Annual ASCO Mtg. (Abstract #740)
  63. 2002 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (Abstract #235)
  64. 2002 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. (Abstract #384)
  65. Herceptin and Navelbine as First-Line Treatment
  66. HER-2 overexpression in breast cancer predicts poor outcome.
  67. Clarification of Above-Mentioned \"\"Poor Outcome\"\" Post Title
  68. Sentinel Node Biopsy Study Results - NEJM
  69. Platinum Compounds May Become Adjuvant Therapy for BC
  70. Synergistic Herceptin-Containing Regimens
  71. p53 Expression and Resistance Against Paclitaxel
  72. More Clarification
  73. Clarification of Above-Mentioned
  74. Requested Clarification
  75. How To Interpret Your Pathology Report
  76. Your Pathology Report
  77. Tests For Prognostic and Predictive Factors
  78. Generex Biotechnology Given Grant For HER-2/neu Vaccine
  79. UCLA Phase I Study to Utilize \"\"R1550\"\" Antibody Against BC
  80. Limited Radiation Could Be Useful In Select BC Cases
  81. Off Protocol: Getting New Treatments Outside a Clinical Tria
  82. Drug Assistance Web Site
  83. her2 explained
  84. Researchers Find New Gene Associated with Breast Cancer
  85. Trastuzumab Use In Breast Cancer: Clinical Issues
  86. HER2 Explained
  87. HERA Trial
  88. New Diagnostic Tool For Cancer Detection In Development
  89. Proteins to predict recurrence?
  90. Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients Not Receiving Full Recomm
  91. RNA interference silences cancer gene
  92. ways off but interesting
  93. Sugar and cancer
  94. potential therapy for ER-negative breast cancer
  95. Genes that Cause Breast Cancer\'s Spread Identified
  96. possible future vaccines for later stage tumors
  97. Tesmilifene in Addition to Doxorubicin
  98. No Subject
  99. New Tool to Predict Breast Cancer\'s Spread
  100. Sisters with Breast Cancer
  101. Cancer Patients Brace for Medicare Changes
  102. might be good target for future metastatic treatment
  103. New Brain Cancer Treatments
  104. Understanding Cancer Fatigue
  105. Beneficial Switch to Exemestane (Aromasin)
  106. Dennis Slamon M.D. Ph.D. Awarded ACS Medal of Honor
  107. New Assay Available For Node Negative ER+ Breast Cancer
  108. Doxil Associated With Less Cardiotoxicity Than Doxorubicin
  109. Abraxane More Effective Than Taxol in Metastatic Setting
  110. Abraxane NDA Filed Under FDA \"\"Fast Track\"\" Designation
  111. Fosamax Builds Strong Bones For 10 Years
  112. Gene Chip For Use in Breast Cancer Treatment
  113. Compounds Found To Induce Cell Death
  114. Vaccine Performs Well In Phase I
  115. SNS-595
  116. Study Results Show Compound Inhibits Growth
  117. Preclinical Studies Involving IGFBP-3 Are Impressive
  118. Actual Insmed Press Release Re IGFBP-3
  119. Taxotere\'s Use To Be Extended to Early Stage BC
  120. DCIS -- Confusion and Treatment Variation Continues
  121. Vitamin D Compound Inhibits HER-2 BC Cells
  122. \"\"Yes\" \" I\'m Still Here!\"\"
  123. Laboratory Synthesized Vitamin D5
  124. OncoVEX Enhances Efficiency of Chemo Drugs
  125. Positive Data Reported on MBT-0206 in Phase I Trials
  126. Dendreon\'s APC8024 Shows HER2 Disease Stabilization
  127. Liposomal Paclitaxel and Doxorubicin Combined
  128. Novel Vaccine Technology Aims To Suppress Growth of Tumors
  129. What Is the AACR?
  130. Kosan\'s 17-AAG Inhibitor Shows Synergy With BC Chemo Drugs
  131. CombinatorRX Presents Dual Action Anti-Cancer Drug
  132. Dendreon\'s APC8024 Phase I Trial Protocol Summary
  133. Transgenomic\'s WAVE(R) System May Detect Cancer Earlier
  134. AVP-893 -- Novel Anti-Cancer Compound
  135. NeoPharm Presents Pre-Clinical Data on New NeoLipid Drug
  136. AACR Webcast
  137. Peregrine\'s 3G4 + Docetaxel Produces 93% Inhibition Rate
  138. MBT-0206
  139. powerful stem cells
  140. AP23573 Effective With Other Anti-Cancer Agents
  141. HOXB7 Gene Linked To Biomarkers In Breast Cancer
  142. Exercise -- A Breast Cancer Nemesis
  143. M.D. Anderson Using Stem Cells To Attack
  144. Erthropoietin Helps After Whole Brain Radiation
  145. Cross-Link To Heal Magazine
  146. Iressa in combination with Herceptin
  147. OSI Reports on Small Molecule Oral HER2 Receptor Inhibitor
  148. New Data Re Iressa and Novel Anti-Angiogenesis Drugs
  149. Hybridon\'s IMO (tm) Inhibits Tumors Alone and With Herceptin
  150. INGN 241 Enhances Anti-Tumor Effect of Herceptin
  151. Tesmilifene
  152. E75: Breast-Cancer Vaccine is Appears Safe and May Provide I
  153. Boniva Reduces Bone Complication With MBC
  154. Tool to assist treatment/survival choices
  155. Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors
  156. Men With Heart
  157. Brain Cancer Patient Receives Unique Liquid Radiation
  158. GliaSite Radiation Therapy Website
  159. Key Protein in Blood Vessel Formation Found
  160. New Gene Represents Potential Target For BC Therapy
  161. BC Treatment Based Upon MIT Microwave Technology
  162. In Vitro Study Finds Herceptin and Omnitarg Synergistic
  163. Anti-Estrogen BC Treatment Update
  164. Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
  165. Comparison of Radiosurgical Technologies
  166. Stereotactic Radiosurgery Overview
  167. Dimercept - New EGF Receptor Modulator
  168. Dimercept - Herstatin Inventor
  169. Herstatin -- By Any Other Name
  170. Herstatin -- By Any Other Name (cont\'d)
  171. Expansion of Smart Drug Testing at M.D. Anderson
  172. Stem Cells Used to Track Migrating Brain Tumor Cells
  173. Chemical Brain Scan May Help Diagnose Recurrence
  174. Herceptin drug combination effective in advanced HER2 mets
  175. Chemotherapy may damage the heart
  176. potential therapeutic modality for malignant tumors
  177. New Chemotherapy Drug Reduces Hair Loss
  178. Genetically modified virus targets selfish cancer cells
  179. Skipping chemo or lowering doses has ominous implications
  180. Herceptin Patients Have Better Prognosis
  181. NEW drug (Lapatinib) that targets HER2
  182. RE: Her2 Neu \"\"Maverick\"\"
  183. Reversing Resistance to Tamoxifin
  184. New radiation proceedure during adjuvant surgery
  185. Herceptin etc
  186. New Cancer Treatments
  187. MRI frequency for high-risk bc patients
  188. Chemoradioimmunotherapy-Future Treatment f/BC
  189. Diet Drastically Reduces Incidence and Death Rates from Canc
  190. Immunotherapy for Cancer
  191. Her2 Trial Results
  192. PTEN Deficiency and PI3K family protein inhibitors
  193. Test to determine how effective herceptin will be
  194. JNCI article
  195. Copper Therapy
  196. New Breast Cancer Vaccine Passes First Hurdle
  197. Tailored T Cells Prevent Breast Cancer Metastases in Mice
  198. Brain Met Study
  199. cox 2 research
  200. \"\"Trying to define the concept of cancer cure\"\"
  201. Diabodies Effective Against HER2 BC in Mice
  202. Is your chemo working?
  203. Supplements may reduce some chemotherapy side effects
  204. How safe are medicinal herbs? Find out
  205. Biologics and HER2 Cancer Book
  206. On Tamoxifen or ER+?
  207. Estrogen & aromatase inhibitors
  208. insulin resistance & herceptin
  209. HER2 Status Can Change
  210. HER-2 cell surface receptors turn on genes
  211. July 2003 online article about APC8024 phase I trial
  212. Switch of a gene turns cancer cells healthy in mice
  213. Probably not yet but sometime soon
  214. Tumor Markers and Other Tests
  215. HER2 Tutorial
  216. HER2+ Breast Conserving Therapy/Rate of Recurrence
  217. Donor Lymphocyte Infusion Treatment In MBC
  218. New Drug Effective Against HER2 Positive Breast Cancer in mi
  219. Energy blocker can eradicate large liver tumors
  220. Internet education and outcomes
  221. Breast Cancer \"\"Profiling\"\" Could Yield More Effective Treatme
  222. Doctor\'s Slamon & Pegram/Herceptin Chemo Combos
  223. childhood factors in breast cancer risk
  224. Scientists find \"\"Stem Cells\"\" in Breast Cancer
  225. Promising New Laser Treatment for Liver Mets
  226. NED's doing the Snoopy Dance
  228. Lyn
  230. Fatal Attraction causes HER2+ BC spread
  231. Have anybody experience with gene therapy
  232. Neoadjuvant chemo shows high remission rate
  233. Gemcitabine plus trastuzumab effective and tolerab
  234. Combined gene expression signatures more effective
  235. New genomic tool shows promise in predicting time
  236. Low Dose Aspirin as Anti-Inflammatory
  237. Predictors of Brain Metastasis in Advanced Breast
  238. Chemo benefits for ER- tumours
  239. Test to predict risk of BC recurrence
  240. Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Dietary Supplements
  241. Immunotherapy and Cancer
  242. Latest results on Dendreon's APC8024 vaccine
  243. Clinical Study for Novel Anti-Tumor Protein
  244. ABRAXANETM First In New Class Of Protein-Bound Par
  245. New info on breast reconstruction
  246. Genes and antidepressants can effect tamoxifen
  247. Olive Oil of possible benefit for HER2+
  248. Antibodies Recognize Metastatic Breast Cancer
  249. Europe: Pharmexa HER-2 Protein AutoVac Trials
  250. Oleic Acid/Her2/olive oil - Full research link