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Generic name: Megestrol
Trade name: Megace
Other names:

Drug type: Megace is a hormone therapy. This medication is classified as a "progesterone."

Megace (generic name, megestrol) is used to treat advanced breast cancer, typically in women who do not respond well or become resistant to tamoxifen. Megace is a synthetic form of the hormone, progesterone. Progesterone is normally secreted by the corpus luteum of the ovary and by the placenta and acts to prepare the uterus for implantation of the fertilized ovum, to maintain pregnancy, and to promote development of secondary sexual characteristics. Progesterone also counteracts some of the negative effects of estrogen (many breast cancers depend on estrogen to grow and reproduce).

In addition to treating advanced breast cancer, Megace may also be used to treat advanced stages of endometrial cancer (cancer of the uterine lining) or to increase appetite in HIV patients. Because Megace is considered non-toxic, there are few documented side effects associated with the drug. The most common side effect is fluid retention.

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