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For those who are not familiar with Barbara Bradfield's story of survival, she is a pioneer in the development of Herceptin. After being told that she was terminal with metastatic breast cancer in 1992, Dr. Slamon sought her out and persuaded her to enter the Phase Clinical Trials of Herceptin. At the end of the trial in April 1993, an MRI showed no evidence of disease Our group joins her in celebrating the 10th anniversary since the trial ended and she was declared "cancer free". We Love You, Barbara

At our request, Barbara Bradfield, has put into words her reflections of the last 10 years since she had participated in the Phase I Clinical Trials of Herceptin and was pronounced NED in April of 1993. Accompanying her note was a generous donation to the HER2 Support Group. As I contemplate the significance of this year, I cannot believe how quickly 10 years has flown!! That sounds like the worst cliche, but it is so true. When I finished my treatment and was found to be "cancer-free", I hardly dared to believe I would ever live a "normal" life again, but looking back, I can see that every year has brought me closer to that goal. Normal will always include little red flags - aches and pains that can't be explained and need some "test" to tell me I'm OK. This last year was no exception, but after CAT Scans pronounced me cancer-free, I again settled into normal life, relishing each day and it's many gifts.

Normal life has meant great changes for us this year. Dean and I are native Californians, but we decided we'd like some adventure in our lives, so we have moved to the Pacific Northwest. We are currently building a beautiful new home and due to move into it April 30th!!!! If you had told me 10 or even 5 years ago that I would be having these wonderful experiences, I could not have imagined

it. We are having so much fun! As my 10 year anniversary approaches I am still so grateful to Dr. Slamon for his tenacious belief in his new drug and for the chances that brought me to the Herceptin trials. I hope and pray that all of you who are in treatment now will experience the same wonderful results. I send my love to you all .

Please feel free to contact me, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Barbara Bradfield

"My Hero" Dr. Slamon and his wife

Our first "Outing" after move to Seattle

"Good-bye" party with teachers Barbara had worked with.

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