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About using google search function.

A few different ways to use google search more effectively. I hope this helps someone.

Assume you want to search for information about Femara:

Type the phrase between the two percent symbols % (femara OR letrozole) % into google search field. This returns documents containing the word “femara” or “letrozole”. Since Femara is a trade name for letrozole, you want to cover both forms. The key point here is to use the two parenthesis and the word OR which need to be in cap.

Assume you want to search for info about HER2 positive:

Type the phrase between the two percent symbols

% (her2+ OR “her2 positive” OR “her2-positive”) %

into google search field. This covers a couple of variation for her2 positive. The key points here are to use the two parenthesis, the word “OR” in cap, and the two quotation symbols to specify the phrase her2-positive.

Assume you want to find info about Her2 (neither positive or negative) and Femara then use the phrase between the percent symbols:

% (erbb2 OR her2 OR “her2/neu”) AND (femara OR letrozole) %

Consider the search phrase (femara AND herceptin), this would return many documents containing those two words even if one appears at the beginning and one at the end of a document. What you probably want to find out is a treatment (or something) involving both of them. To reduce the number of return documents, use this search phrase:

% ( femara AROUND(3) herceptin) %.

The key point here is the command “AROUND” in all caps and the set of parenthesis and the number inside that pair of parenthesis. That number, 3, in this case specifies how near/far specifies the “distance” between the word femara and herceptin. The higher that number the further the two word of interest are. It’s a bit complicated/lengthy to explain what is the exact “distance” “measurement”.

What if you want to search only a specific web site? Use this search phrase in between the two percent symbols:

% (neratinib AND diarrhea) site:her2support.org %

This returns all postings containing the two words neratinib and diarrhea in the site her2support.org. The key point here is the word “site:” followed by the exact name of the specific site that you want to search.

Do you get the gist of it? Good luck.

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