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Old 01-12-2022, 01:19 PM   #1
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The party's over?

Hi everybody,
After nearly 10 years stable on Herceptin and Letrozole, it seems the beast has struck again. It was no surprise when a tumour in the brain was discovered, but it isn't a breast met. No such luck! I have Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is a totally shitty diagnosis, with even shittier treatment to come.
However, having lived in Cancerville for so long, I am feeling rather "Zen" at the moment. The old cliches - 'one day at a time', and' listen to your body" are proving useful.
Frenetic activity - so many appointments, with stereotactic radiation and brain directed chemo. Ever the optimist, I have booked a trip to Italy to celebrate my 70th birthday in September... Oh, and my son and his partner have come over from New York to spend time with me, which makes me VERY happy.
Best wishes to all for the new year...... Pam
Diagnosed 2004: Lumpectomy - 2 tumours, both grade 1 infiltrating duct carcinoma, about 12mm. ER+,
C-erbB-2 status 3+.
Clear margins, no nodal involvement.
Radiotherapy, i year Tamoxifen, 4 years Arimidex.
Rediagnosed 2012: Multiple bone metastases.
3/12: began on Marianne trial - T-DM1 + Pertuzamab/Placebo.
5/12:Unexpected development of numerous bilateral liver mets. Came off trial.
Started Docetaxol/ Herceptin + Zometa.
8/12:Bones stable +major regression in liver (!)
9/12:Can't take any more Docetaxol! Start on Herceptin and Tamoxifen. Cross fingers!
Changed to Denosumab.
11/12: Scan shows stable - yay!
11/13: Still stable :-) !!!
1/16: All stable, but lowered calcium, so switched to Zometa 3 monthly.
2/19: Happily still stable on Herceptin, Letrozole and 3 monthly Zometa.
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Old 01-13-2022, 05:09 PM   #2
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Re: The party's over?

Oh Pam, what a way to start the new year. I’m betting on you to celebrate your 70th in Italy in September!

March, 2000: 48, Post menopausal (5 yrs HRT) Left breast, IDC 3mm/DCIS 1.6cm, ER+/PR-/Her2+++, mod differentiated, MIB low, lumpectomy, node neg via SNB, rads=33 Stage 1a
June, 2000: Tamox 4.5 years,Femara for 5 years (end in Jan. 2010)
Sept, 2012: 61, Via mamm, ultrasound, biopsy, right breast, 2.3cm tumor, ER+/PR-/Her2+++, poorly diff, KI67 60-70%
BRCA 1 and 2 negative
October, 2012: Bi Mast with tissue expanders, port placement
Final Path: IDC 2.8cm, DCIS, 1/4 sentinal nodes positive (@#$%). Stage IIB
Nov 29, 2012: Begin TCH/6x/every 3 wks, H for 1 year/every 3 weeks.
March 14, 2013: Finished chemo
April 9, 2013: Begin radiation 28x
May 22, 2013: Finished rads
June 1st, 2013: Started Aromasin for 5 yrs.
July 15, 2013: Switched to Letrozole (Femara). Probably for the rest of my life
October 16, 2013: Exchange surgery
October 31, 2013: Finished Herceptin
December 5, 2013: Port removed
Glad this year is over!
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Old 01-18-2022, 06:47 PM   #3
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Re: The party's over?

Oh Pam. I have no words. It sucks to be stable for 10 years and then this news. I respect your Zen. Enjoy the time with you son and partner. And I wish that September comes and you will be in Italy enjoying the gorgerou scenary and having a glass of wine.


10/11 IBC Stage IV; 1 liver met 4.6 cm.
10/11-2/12 TCH for 6 rounds
3/12 Right MRM
5/12-7/12 33 Radiation treatments
8/1/12 Started Perjeta along with the Herceptin
10/12 Scans said NED for first time
5/15 UWSeattle Vaccine Trial 3 months
12/16 Scans still show NED. Herceptin and Perjeta continue indef.
8/17 Taken off Perjeta;staying on Herceptin. Still NEAD.
3/18 Still NEAD
8/19 Now on Subcutaneous Herceptin
10/21 Remain on Subcutaneous Herceptin (Hylecta)
11/21 CT showed possible lung mets. Was told to wait and see until scan
1/22 CT shows continued growth
03/22 Lung Biopsy said sample was too small but nodules keep growing and IR is convinced that it is indeed cancer
04/22 Oncologist referred for consult for a transbronchial biopsy. This does not sound pleasant
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Old 02-12-2022, 11:06 PM   #4
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Re: The party's over?

Oh, Pam so sorry to hear this. I am thinking of your Zen moments and your future trip to Italy in September. Wishing you warm hugs and love from all your friends. Keep the zen flowing❤️

Found my own lump in the shower
April 2006 at the age of 58
Stage IIB, ER- PR- HER2+++ multi focal tumors, largest 2.3cm
Chemo first: AC/Taxol over 16 weeks
Bilateral mastectomy Sep 06
33 rads after the surgery
1 year of Herceptin completed Dec 07
15 years and no recurrence as of April 2021
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Old 03-10-2022, 07:25 AM   #5
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Re: The party's over?

Well if I read you right, I think I shall wish you a wonderful time in Italy, and time with your family close by. Minimal side effects from the treatment and a lot of Zen (and pizza).
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Old 07-27-2022, 02:24 AM   #6
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Re: The party's over?

I'm sure everything will be good!
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