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My story of how Dr. Slamon saved my life!

Please take some time to read my story of how my life intersected with the film, Living Proof, and how I came to realize that one person can change the world, and How Denny Slamon saved mine.

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Re: My story of how Dr. Slamon saved my life!

Wow so cool you were actually in the movie! Thanks for sharing that!
2009: dcis rt side, mastectomy, no chem or rads
2009: rt recon implant.
Jan 2014: stage 4. pain right side, found "too many to individually account for" liver mets. Found right axilla lymph nodes and nearby mass (source). Lung, lymph and bone mets. Brain clear by MRI. Er and pr neg, HER2 +++
Feb 2014: herceptin, perjeta, taxol
July 2014: no active disease, only bone scars and 1 liver scar! Tumor markers all normal again.
Dec 2014: seizure, 3 brain mets (15, 5 and 3 mm)
Feb 2015: Linac Stereotactic Radiation for brain mets
June 2015: no new brain mets, old ones greatly reduced in size. Bod still no active disease
October 2015: New brain Met, zapped by Stereotactic rads, watching another spot
Jan 2016: The other spot grew, zapped again. Still on herceptin and perjeta every 3 weeks
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Re: My story of how Dr. Slamon saved my life!

That is very sweet. My wife actually wrote a letter to him this year thanking him for saving her life. A lot to be thankful for.
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Re: My story of how Dr. Slamon saved my life!

A beautiful story and I was choked up thinking about what he did for us all. We are here because of him. He is indeed a hero and yes he did have to fight so hard to keep going, Genetech gave up on him but they are making some nice money now from that drug. I hope now he can always get as much money as he ever needs to do whatever research he wants. Yes, thank you Dr. Slamon and thank you Lily Tartikoff. Nice to know there are people like them in our world.
Thanks for this beautiful story, every HER2 person should see the film.
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Re: My story of how Dr. Slamon saved my life!

Amazing story.
My oncologist said you can find the lifetime video online to watch it.
11/13 Dx IDC left breast
11/19/2013 Inflammatory Breast Cancer stage 3c grade 2 Er- Pr- her2+++
Node involvement suspected based on CT
12/13 port placed
12/13 neoadjuvant DD AC xs 4 rounds started
02/14 taxol/herceptin started every week xs 12 rounds
Herceptin for 1 year
BRCA1&2 negative
5/06/14 last round taxol/herceptin. Chemo done!!!
5/07/14 clear CT scan
6/11/14 Bilateral Mastectomy Done
6/15/14 8mm tumor post chemo. Removed by bmx
6/15/14 lymph nodes 0/9
6/15/14 officially Cancer Free
7/11/14 emergency surgery to left breast . Wound refused to heal and broke open. New TE placed
7/28/14 emergency medical procedure now to right breast( post op 6 weeks mastectomy ) wound opens.
8/25/14 - 10/07/14 Radiation
11/24/14 CT of Brain clear
01/23/15 One year Herceptin Complete
02/04/15 Diep done
5/01/15 1 year Ct scan- mass in thymus
6/23/15 repeat CT mass in thymus still present
6/30/15 biopsy thymus 7/03/15 mass Benign! Diagnoses Thymic hyperplasia rebound ( chemo at fault, no long term health effects)
7/08/15 phase 2 diep
11/23/15 phase 2b ( reconstructive surgery with lipo)
03/05/18 Vinnie Myer 3 D nipple tattoos complete.
11/19/2018 5 years since Dx of IBC stage 3c remain NED.
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breast cancer, her2 +, herceptin, survivor

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