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First New Drug in Years Reduces Recurrence in High-risk Hormone Receptor Positive Ear

I usually post only Her2Positive and late Met articles. But I was caught by the phrase “…first time in 20 years…” in the articles below so here we are. By the way, my wife Her2+++ is taking Abemaciclib at a lower dose.

Definition of “high risk” early stage ER+ Her2- bc: “…High risk was defined as patients with four or more positive pathologic axillary lymph nodes or one to three positive axillary lymph nodes and at least one of the following: tumor size ≥ 5 cm, histologic grade 3, or centrally assessed Ki-67 ≥ 20%...”

Ki-67 protein (nuclear proliferation marker): < 10% low, 10-20% < moderate ; > 20% high; higher percentage = faster proliferation. Unfortunately (or fortunately) as are the cases of ER/PR receptors (12-15% discordance) and Her2 (6-8%) it is possible to have discordance between primary site and metastatic site.

The easy to read version.

The detail version.

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