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  1. Group therapy fails to boost breast cancersurvival
  2. Newer Breast Cancer Drugs Appear to Boost Life Spans
  3. Better Breast Test
  4. Cancer risk from CT angiography radiation varies
  5. Diet does not improve breast cancer survival
  6. Healthiest Diet Made Little Difference to Breast Cancer Survivors
  7. Taking Cancer Drug With Food May Cut Costs
  8. Early smoking boosts women's breast cancer risk
  9. Outcomes of breast cancer may be inherited
  10. Breast cancer target "failing patients" in UK
  11. Breast tumor genes no hinder to cancer survival
  12. Breast Cancer Genes Don't Raise Tumor-Linked Death Risk
  13. No Evidence Tomatoes, Lycopene Cut Cancer: FDA
  14. Breast Cancer More Aggressive in Black Women
  15. Meats, Sweets May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
  16. New drugs improve breast cancer survival
  17. FDA Panel OKs Osteoporosis Drug to Cut Breast Cancer Risk
  18. New Study Reaffirms HRT-Breast Cancer Link
  19. Myths About Cancer Risk Abound
  20. MRIs Spot Breast Cancers in High-Risk Women
  21. Cosmetic Breast Surgeries Tied to Increased Suicide Risk
  22. Left-sided breast cancer radiation ups heart risk
  23. MRI scans might prevent breast cancer, study shows
  24. MRI Beats Mammograms at Spotting Early Breast Cancer
  25. Fertility drugs don't raise breast cancer risk
  26. Scientists Create Breast Tumor Stem Cells
  27. Decline in U.S. Breast Cancers Tied to Drop in Hormone Use
  28. Low-dose radiation may raise breast cancer risk
  29. Healthy Lifestyle Key To Cancer Prevention
  30. Many Parents Share Genetic Test Findings With Kids
  31. Breast cancer vaccine looks safe, study shows
  32. Acrylamide Won't Raise Breast Cancer Risk
  33. Health Tip: Breast Self-Exams
  34. Treated hypertension not linked with breast cancer
  35. Breast cancer decline attributed to drop in HRT
  36. Hypnosis Eases Pain of Breast Cancer Surgery
  37. Hypnosis can reduce pain perception after surgery
  38. Kids often told about parent's genetic cancer risk
  39. Study confirms breast cancer worse in US blacks
  40. Side effects force women off 'safe' cancer pills
  41. Studies Shed New Light on Breast Cancer, Treatment
  42. Workouts a Boon for Breast Cancer Patients
  43. BRCA status impacts early breast cancer outcome
  44. Long-Term Fatigue Plagues Cancer Survivors
  45. Breast Cancer Drug Beats Bipolar Disorder
  46. Education Linked to Cancer Death Rates
  47. Tamoxifen Helps Treat Bipolar Disorder
  48. Lilly gets FDA nod on new osteoporosis drug use
  49. Physiotherapy helpful after breast cancer surgery
  50. FDA Approves Osteoporosis Drug to Cut Breast Cancer Risk
  51. Gene May Influence Breast Cancer-Estrogen Link
  52. Breast cancer treatment hard on the bones: study
  53. Experts Offer Tips on Easing Mammogram Discomfort
  54. Simple test may help predict breast cancer return
  55. Older breast cancer patients face leukemia risk
  56. U.S. breast cancer death rate drops more: report
  57. Breast Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall
  58. 1 in 12 Outpatient Visits Is for Prevention: Study
  59. Herceptin eradicates aggressive tumors: study
  60. Three drinks a day ups breast cancer risk: study
  61. Wine, Beer, Spirits Boost Breast Cancer Risk Equally
  62. Etheridge gets new musical life after cancer
  63. Doctors try a new word: Sorry.
  64. Breast cancer afflicting younger Asian women
  65. High white cell count may predict cancer: study
  66. South Korea court reinstates breast cancer soldier
  67. Black Women Get Less Breast Cancer Treatment
  68. Woman's Hips Might Indicate Daughter's Breast Cancer Risk
  69. Drug a New Weapon Against One Form of Breast Cancer
  70. Wyeth ordered to pay $134.5 mln in hormone cases
  71. Breast Cancer Radiation Won't Hurt Immune Health
  72. The pill doesn't boost breast cancer death risk
  73. U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall
  74. Cancer death rates continue to fall
  75. Yoga can give women with breast cancer a boost
  76. Exercise can ease some aspects of chemotherapy
  77. Health Tip: Breast Self-Exams
  78. Bristol breast cancer drug aims at sickest women
  79. Wyeth jury awards $99 mln punitive damages
  80. More whites than blacks get breast cancer chemo
  81. Painkillers may lower breast cancer risk
  82. Breast cancer?
  83. FDA approves new drug for advanced breast cancer
  84. U.S. Women's Health Care Still Falls Short: Report
  85. Dioxin pollution leads to more baby girls -study
  86. Calcium deficiency may cause breast cancer spread
  87. Breast cancer survivors: keep heart health in mind
  88. Some breast cancers don't respond to chemotherapy
  89. Protein Gives Clues to Pancreatic Cancer
  90. Extent of breast cancer key for predicting spread
  91. Clumsy remarks come along with bc.
  92. Mammography decision aid helps older women
  93. Best Breast-Cancer Care Eludes Older Women
  94. More Women Choosing 'Preventive' Double Mastectomy
  95. Research - Attitude doesn't affect length of survival outcome in head & neck cancers
  96. Double mastectomies to prevent cancer increase
  97. Double mastectomies to prevent cancer increase
  98. Smoking Does Not Worsen Breast Cancer
  99. Sunlight may cut breast cancer risk for some women
  100. Smoking not linked to more advanced breast cancer
  101. Blacks More Likely to See Return of Breast Cancer
  102. Little Evidence Silicone Breast Implants Harm Health
  103. Link between obesity and cancer stressed by report
  104. Breast cancer recurrence more likely in blackwomen
  105. Excess Pounds Raise Women's Cancer Risk
  106. Switch Turns On Deadly Breast Cancer
  107. Dieting reduces lymphedema after breast cancer
  108. Cell Insights May Predict Breast Cancer's Spread
  109. Genes Connected to Breast Cancer Identified
  110. Extra Radiation Helps Keep Breast Cancer Away
  111. Simpler Model to Predict Certain Breast Cancer
  112. Cannabis Compound May Stop Metastatic Breast Cancer
  113. Black cohosh may slow breast cancer growth
  114. Non-White Women More Prone to Breast Cancer Pain
  115. Understanding of Mammography Differs Among Races
  116. Urban Women May Have Greater Breast Cancer Risk
  117. Breast cancer pain more severe in non-whites
  118. Combo PET/CT Scan Helps Spot Breast Cancer's Spread
  119. BRCA genes raise breast cancer risk for men too
  120. FDA warns Glaxo on cancer drug promotions
  121. 3-D Breast Imaging May Improve Cancer Detection
  122. Studies Reveal Why Breast Cancer Hits Black Women Harder
  123. Fewer Women Getting Mammograms
  124. 3-D mammography cuts false-positive rates by half
  125. Diets May Raise Cancer Risk for Poor, Urban Women
  126. Anemia drug no help in breast cancer, study hints
  127. Weigh Roche cancer drug toxicity, say FDA staff
  128. Night Shift Work May Heighten Risk for Cancer
  129. Health Tip: Get the Most From Your Mammogram
  130. FDA Panel Says No to Avastin for Advanced Breast Cancer
  131. Common Household Chemical Could Raise Breast Cancer Risk
  132. Black Women Wait Longer for Breast Cancer Surgery
  133. Widely used chemical may raise breast cancer risk
  134. US panel rejects Avastin for use in breast cancer
  135. Mutated Suppressor Gene Leads to a Type of Breast Cancer
  136. Diagnostic Mammogram Readings Vary by Radiologist
  137. REPEAT: Scientists discover how BRCA1 gene causescancer
  138. Mammogram accuracy varies by radiologist: study
  139. Avoiding weight gain important after breast cancer
  140. Extended therapy may benefit breast cancerpatients
  141. High-Dose Chemo Provides Little Benefit to Breast Cancer Patients
  142. Breast cancer survival longer with Taxotere: study
  143. Genetic test guides cancer treatment, company says
  144. Arimidex Beats Tamoxifen in Keeping Breast Cancer at Bay
  145. Breast Cancer Genes Also Raise Men's Risk for Malignancy
  146. Cancer Killed Almost 8 Million Worldwide in 2007
  147. Even Tiny Breast Tumors May Need Aggressive Treatment
  148. Combo therapy with Tykerb fights brain metastases
  149. HER-2-positive breast cancer tied to hormonestatus
  150. Arimidex most effective in breast cancer study
  151. Uninsured More Likely to Die From Cancer Following Diagnosis
  152. Depression might influence breast cancer risk
  153. Cancer risk varies in patients with schizophrenia
  154. Hormone Could Ease Painful Lymphedema
  155. Breast reconstruction often not discussed
  156. Breast Cancer Surgeons Don't Discuss Reconstruction Options
  157. Jury still out on acupuncture for hot flashes
  158. Study fails to tie fat intake to breast cancerrisk
  159. Low-Income Women's Cancer Screenings Cost Effective: Report
  160. Not bc related but interesting...
  161. Chemo, tamoxifen cut risk of second breast cancer
  162. Hispanic women at risk of breast cancer gene:study
  163. BRCA1 Mutation Prevalent Among Hispanic, Younger Black Women
  164. Class of Chemotherapy Drugs Helps Certain Breast Cancer Patients
  165. Painkiller blocks unwanted effects of morphine
  166. Avastin survival data mixed in breast cancer
  167. Drug target to stop cancer spread UK
  168. Fish oil capsules same omega 3 punch as fish.
  169. Onc's don't discuss the emotional issues...
  170. Anti-Cancer Beer
  171. Breast Cancer Gene Might Extend Ovarian Cancer Survival
  172. Small study (N=20) on continuing Herceptin after brain mets
  173. Older cancer drugs improved breast cancer survival
  174. Not All Women Need Digital Mammograms
  175. Cancer risk from Hodgkin's radiotherapy reduced
  176. Localized Breast Cancer Cells Have Potential to Spread
  177. Tiny RNA Molecules Control Breast Cancer's Spread
  178. Genetic material prevents spread of breast cancer
  179. Bif Naked says fighting breast cancer
  180. Breast cancer risk varies widely in BRCA carriers
  181. BRCA Mutations Don't Raise Breast Cancer Risk Equally
  182. New breast cancer screening test will use saliva
  183. Canada cancer group asks women to be brazen online
  184. Ovary removal ups breast cancer survival for some
  185. Vaccines for Ovarian and Breast Cancer in Early Trials
  186. Short-term hormone use ups breast cancer risk
  187. HRT Raises Risk of Lobular Breast Cancer
  188. Biological Link Between BRCA1 and Breast Cancer Detailed
  189. Breast cancer gene testing less likely among blacks
  190. Banned toxin found in wood floor finishes
  191. Infections after breast surgery costly: US study
  192. Smoking ups risk with radiation for breast cancer
  193. Implants Double Infection Risk After Breast Reconstruction
  194. Even small copay deters mammogram use - US study
  195. Co-Pays Contribute to Drop in Preventive Care
  196. Statins not seen linked to breast cancer risk
  197. Next Generation of Parents More Likely to Back Genetic Testing
  198. Digital mammogram best for younger women: study
  199. Digital Mammography Better Than Film for Some Women
  200. Personality doesn't affect breast cancer risk
  201. Breast cancer care linked with surgeon factors
  202. Surgeons' Characteristics Influence Breast Cancer Care
  203. Protein Linked With Poor Prognosis in Early-Stage Breast Cancer
  204. Personality Traits Don't Affect Breast Cancer Risk
  205. Breast cancer protein doesn't help select therapy
  206. Pathology Reports Good for Breast Cancer Studies
  207. Psoriatic arthritis does not raise risk of cancer
  208. Some breast cancer Web sites may misinform
  209. Most Breast Cancer Web Pages Contain Reliable Information
  210. BRCA type sways benefit of anti-cancer surgery
  211. Ovary Removal Protects Some High-Risk Women
  212. Breast cancer often not ultimate cause of death
  213. Many women overestimate precancer risks
  214. Precancerous Breast Lesions Cause Unnecessary Worry
  215. Breast cancer risk linked with fertility timing
  216. DDT Compound Speeds Breast Cancer Growth
  217. Common gene boosts breast cancer risk in smokers
  218. Obesity Raises Cancer Risk
  219. Hair sample may provide breast cancer diagnosis
  220. Chemotherapy After Breast Cancer Surgery Effective for Older Women, Too
  221. Timely Cancer Diagnosis Linked to Insurance Status
  222. Breast cancer drugs increase heart risk slightly
  223. Mammograms Might Spot Stroke Risk
  224. Diet patterns tied to breast, ovarian cancers
  225. FDA OKs Avastin for Advanced Breast Cancer
  226. FDA approves Avastin for breast cancer
  227. Hormone therapy hinders breast cancer detection
  228. HRT Can Lead to Abnormal Mammograms, Biopsies
  229. Breast cancer gene carriers need dual screening
  230. Cost of Breast Cancer Can Include Paycheck
  231. Stem cell transplant boosts breast cancer risk
  232. Heart Hormones Beat Back Cancers in Mice
  233. Breast Cancer Drug Might Treat Bipolar Disorder
  234. Embryonic Stem Cell Protein Inhibits Melanoma
  235. Raised Breast Cancer Risk Persists After Combo HRT Stopped
  236. Estrogen Levels in Blood Predict Breast Cancer's Return
  237. Estrogen Levels in Blood Predict Breast Cancer's Return
  238. Late Use of Aromatase Inhibitor Still Effective Against BreastCancer
  239. Mammograms in Stereo
  240. Obesity Linked to Poor Prognosis for Some Breast Cancer Patients
  241. Doctors See How Cancer Drug Can Damage Kidneys
  242. 'Crime Boss' Gene May Spur Breast Cancer
  243. FDA Panel Supports Anemia Drugs for Cancer Patients
  244. Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Works in Fewer, But Higher Doses
  245. Environmental Toxins, Radiation May Be Tied to Breast Cancer
  246. Cancer Poses Challenges for Husbands' Frame of Mind
  247. Family Discussion Plays Role in Breast Cancer Awareness
  248. Obese Women Less Likely to Be Tested for Some Cancers
  249. Gaps Persist in Use of Less Invasive Breast Cancer Procedure
  250. Health Tip: Get Screened for Cancer