View Full Version : Cold caps to reduce hair loss

09-07-2007, 08:54 AM
Does anyone have any information on the use of Cold Caps during chemo to reduce the chance of hair loss?

My wife is battling IBC and will begin treatments with Taxol next week. She had 4 rounds of A/C followed by hercepting/navalbane, but her LVEF went to low to continue the herceptin.

She lost all her hair while on the A/C, but it returned, now she's really bummed out about the possibility of losing it again on Taxol.

I stumbled upon some information on the use of Cold Caps, but not sure if the information is reliable.


09-07-2007, 07:15 PM
My wife's onc doesn't like the idea because he feels that it most likely reduces the side effect by reducing the amount of medicine getting to
that area. Not sure if it's true but I'd prefer my wife not take the risk.


09-07-2007, 08:50 PM

Your wife may be one of the lucky ones and not loose all her hair while on Taxol. I lost mine while on Adramycian/Cytoxan and Taxatore. I was bald in a matter of 2 weeks times. I'm now on Taxol/Carboplatin and after my fourth treatment (weekly) my hair began to fall out or shall I say realy thin out. I opted to shave my head. Not everyone on Taxol looses their hair.