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  1. Alpha-fetoprotein, a well-tolerated agent for treatment and prevention of breast canc
  2. SBI urges Congress to exclude the USPSTF guidelines from health care legislation
  3. Report on the latest innovations in oncology diagnostics market
  4. 'Suicide gene E' reduces potent drug dosage in cancer patients
  5. Senate Health Committee likely to hold hearing on new mammogram guidelines
  6. Aegis Breast 3.0 that offers powerful real-time 4D image processing to be launched
  7. Rising incidence of breast cancer driving the worldwide market for mammography equipm
  8. Three high risk indicators that aid mammography screening
  9. Breast Cancer Campaign awards a three year project grant to Cambridge scientist
  10. Study on response to breast cancer radiotherapy
  11. Study on deaths from cancer in Europe shows steady decline in mortality
  12. Siemens Healthcare to introduce high-end imaging systems for interventional oncologic
  13. Elastography decreases breast biopsies and maps tumors more precisely
  14. Charity urges government to stop under 18s from using sunbeds
  15. Minerva Biotechnologies grants Clarient exclusive commercializing rights to its MUC1*
  16. Presentations at Tuesday's RSNA conference
  17. Medipattern, Sentinelle Medical sign technology access and distribution agreement
  18. Sentinelle Medical's Aegis Navigation MRI and ultrasound imaging system showcased at
  19. Sentinelle Medical, Ultrasonix Medical announce distribution partnership for new Soni
  20. Don't Pause, a completely natural treatment to get rid of menopause symptoms
  21. BSGI proves to be an effective adjunct imaging modality for detecting DCIS
  22. Low-income women experience significantly greater gaps in access to health care
  23. Low-dose radiation increases breast cancer risk in high-risk women
  24. Researchers devise a way to deliver right therapy directly to tumors using aptamers
  25. Portuguese scientists identify a molecular mechanism that can lead to metastases in b
  26. MAbs for early detection of cancer
  27. Use of BSGI as adjunct imaging modality for diagnosing breast cancer demonstrated
  28. Cancer patient's chances of surviving for at least a year varies depending on where t
  29. U-Systems announces significant upgrade for somo•v ABUS at RSNA 2009
  30. New figures show steady decline in European cancer deaths, but variations exist betwe
  31. Positive data from Provectus Pharmaceuticals' psoriasis and atopic dermatitis trials
  32. Sentinelle Medical showcases its new line of breast MRI coils at the RSNA meeting
  33. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries submits a BLA for its G-CSF XM02
  34. Imaging Diagnostic Systems showcases its CTLM system at the 2009 RSNA meeting
  35. Annual screening ultrasound may benefit women who are at elevated risk for breast can
  36. New data on pixantrone Phase III trial in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma to be presented
  37. TGF--1 suppresses the growth of cancer cells, find researchers
  38. Researchers develop new application for improved detection of breast cancer cells
  39. Boehringer Ingelheim to announce positive results from its RE-COVER study
  40. Cancer Prevention Research Conference highlights new research on cancer
  41. Protein ERK oscillates between two major compartments in breast tissue cells
  42. New data demonstrating the strength of Novartis' hematology portfolio to be presented
  43. RSNA: Dec. 2, 2009 briefing and presentations
  44. Coding guidelines for Agendia's MammaPrint test established by Palmetto GBA
  45. Women at high risk of developing breast cancer reluctant to take tamoxifen for preven
  46. Senators consider women's insurance amendment, Medicare funding issues, with votes li
  47. Novel approach to detect flaws in defense against breast cancer earns Era of Hope Sch
  48. Exposure to secondhand smoke may increase breast cancer risk
  49. Breast Cancer Fund: Congress must enforce BPA ban in food and beverage containers
  50. ImmunoCellular Therapeutics options immunotherapy targeting CSCs using abnormal Notch
  51. Macular Health eye vitamin supplement improves visual acuity
  52. Update on Celsion's ThermoDox Phase III “HEAT” trial for HCC
  53. At House hearing, panel seeks to clarify advice on mammograms
  54. BJOC dx timing links
  55. MRI "Omniscan" contrast under scrutiny
  56. Senate approves women's screening amendment in first health bill vote
  57. Alkermes licenses Medifusion technology to develop TNF receptor-Fc fusion protein
  58. Multi-Lumen MammoSite device to treat breast cancer now available at Jupiter Medical
  59. Protein plays a key role in cancer and DNA repair
  60. Pfizer announces a $9M cancer research collaboration in British Columbia
  61. NCCC's study data on passive smoking and breast cancer in women
  62. Health leaders to discuss latest breast cancer findings at CTRC-AACR San Antonio Brea
  63. Controversy over recent breast cancer screening guidelines discussed
  64. FUJIFILM to interface Raytheon BBN Technologies' SDM technology with its Aspire HD FF
  65. Pfizer to present study findings from its expanded breast cancer portfolio
  66. Senate bill moves forward, amendment ensures coverage for women's preventive care
  67. Thermography, an ideal screening tool for breast cancer
  68. 'Twist' gene plays a key role in the development of breast cancer
  69. Patients new to chronic disease medication face risk of medication discontinuation, f
  70. Genomic Health to present its Oncotype DX multi-gene expression test studies at the 3
  71. World records and fight against breast cancer fundraiser
  72. Temp agencies harbor unfit nurses?
  73. Dabigatran etexilate offers effective therapy to prevent recurrent VTE
  74. FDA approves new technology tool for breast cancer screening
  75. TGFb growth factor controls spread of cancer cells
  76. Updated results from pivotal phase III EXTEND clinical trial of pixantrone announced
  77. SU2C awards $9.68 million to support high-risk/high-reward cancer research
  78. Dabigatran etexilate prevents recurrent VTE with less bleeding than warfarin
  79. Black women may need different mammogram guidelines
  80. Celldex Therapeutics to present poster on its first antibody-drug conjugate product
  81. Social isolation and stress can raise breast cancer risk
  82. SAVI applicator for breast brachytherapy can be an effective therapy for breast cance
  83. Winner of the 2009 Outstanding Investigator Award for Breast Cancer Research
  84. Scientists attribute breast cancer decline to publicity surrounding WHI results
  85. Turmeric and pepper may play a role in preventing breast cancer
  86. Gene positions may offer a new method of cancer diagnosis
  87. Discovery may lead to new treatments for late-stage breast cancer
  88. Young women undergoing breast cancer screening may be exposed to unnecessary harm
  89. Pixantrone demonstrates substantial reduction in cardiac cell toxicity compared to an
  90. Consumer reports details the screening tests that may be unneccesary
  91. Soy food associated with lower risk of death and breast cancer recurrence, says new s
  92. Neoprobe completes Phase 3 Lymphoseek clinical trial on breast cancer patients
  93. Rise in cancer rates linked to excessive alcohol consumption
  94. Xanthohumol compound may aid in preventing prostate cancer
  95. Multiple clinical study results of ABRAXANE to be presented by Abraxis BioScience
  96. Social isolation and stress may increase susceptibility to breast cancer, finds US st
  97. Soy food beneficial for women with breast cancer
  98. Roche to present data on its Herceptin, Avastin and T-DM1 studies at the CTRC-AACR Sy
  99. Research study on breast cancer susceptibility in rats
  100. GPEC receives unrestricted grant of $250,000 to study new treatments for breast cance
  101. TECHGENE project: CLC bio selected as software partner
  102. Today's opinions and editorials
  103. German researchers study target-oriented methods for children with brain tumor
  104. Medifocus begins common stock trading on OTC Pink Sheets market
  105. Eli Lilly provides financial guidance for 2010
  106. Second-quarter fiscal 2010 results announced by Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
  107. YM BioSciences announces results of collaborative antibody development program
  108. Merck commences Stimuvax Phase 3 trial in Asian patients with NSCLC
  109. Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages increases the risk of breast cancer recur
  110. Soyfood consumption linked to decreased risk of breast cancer, finds study
  111. Fulvestrant 500 mg reduces risk of disease progression in women with metastatic breas
  112. Women with high BMI are at increased risk of dying from breast cancer
  113. Initiation of multi-national Phase III study of Stimuvax announced
  114. Scientists develop new model of skin cancer based on Src kinases
  115. Positive results from Genomic Health's Oncotype DX study in breast cancer patients wi
  116. Combination of MRI and mammography screenings detects early-stage breast cancer
  117. Chemotherapy improves overall survival in postmenopausal breast cancer patients
  118. California's EWC program: Cuts alarm breast cancer survivors and advocates
  119. Stroke drug kills cancer cells and leaves normal cells intact, report researchers
  120. Proposed changes to breast cancer screening criticized
  121. African-American women in South Carolina more likely to have cervical cancer than whi
  122. New data suggests bisphosphonate drug may play a role in reducing recurrent breast ca
  123. Pfizer announces IES analysis of Aromasin in breast cancer recurrence
  124. Anti-estrogens may reduce the risk of death from lung cancer, according to study resu
  125. Results from clinical survey of Oncotype DX on patients with node-positive breast can
  126. Lapatinib plus trastuzumab extend lives of HER2-positive breast cancer patients
  127. Positive interim results of ARRY-380 in Phase 1 trial announced
  128. Positive Phase 2 study results of CDX-011 reported by Celldex Therapeutics
  129. ImmunoGen announces the presentation of positive trastuzumab-DM1 clinical data
  130. Study examines the association of BRCA1 gene, infertility and breast/ovarian cancer
  131. Incyte announces positive results from ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial for INCB7839
  132. Data from Phase 3 clinical evaluation of Lymphoseek presented
  133. New research highlights the benefit of shortened radiation course for patients with n
  134. Findings from three studies using bioTheranostics' breast cancer molecular test repor
  135. Texas researchers identify new detection method for circulating tumor cells
  136. Genentech announces positive results from Phase II study of T-DM1
  137. Combination of Herceptin and chemotherapy improves treatment for women with HER2+ bre
  138. Ipsen announces preliminary results of phase I trial in metastatic breast cancer with
  139. Black women with HR-positive breast cancer have worse disease-free and overall surviv
  140. Combination therapy improves overall survival in women with advanced breast cancer
  141. Results from Phase 2 trial evaluating Nexavar with capecitabine and paclitaxel presen
  142. Pfizer announces results from studies evaluating neratinib
  143. African American women with breast cancer receive no follow-up care after lumpectomy,
  144. Cell-enriched breast reconstruction procedure improves breast deformity in lumpectomy
  145. Additional therapy and screening may be needed for patients with mucinous breast canc
  146. New antibody-drug compound halts growth of metastatic breast tumors
  147. Study finds racial disparities in breast cancer care
  148. Preclinical graft study supports Cytori’s proposed mechanism of action
  149. Breast Cancer Fund: It's time for the FDA to issue immediate ban on BPA in hard plast
  150. CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium presents new data on emerging breast ca
  151. Researchers present new data for diagnosis and management of beast cancer
  152. Hormone therapy: An important treatment option for post-menopausal women
  153. Genentech announces Phase III study of Avastin in women treated with chemotherapy for
  154. Medipattern and OMIC team up to provide breast ultrasound imaging service
  155. Updated clinical data from Phase 2 study evaluating oral ridaforolimus presented
  156. Women's health becomes political issue in health care debate
  157. Health experts discuss new treatment strategies for lung cancer at AACR-IASLC Joint C
  158. Study compares status of health care systems in U.S. and UK
  159. Health hazards of BPA: Call for FDA to make its announcement before Christmas
  160. NAMS recommends women to discuss osteoporosis with their OB/GYNs
  161. Cancer patients with dementia have lower survival rate than patients with cancer alon
  162. Nanoprobes deliver drugs directly to the right tumor cellular compartments
  163. Gamma Medica-Ideas signs exclusive license and commercialization agreement with Mayo
  164. University of Wisconsin IRB approves GenSpera's G-202 Phase I study for cancer
  165. Results from five new studies on Genomic Health's Oncotype DX breast cancer test anno
  166. Prostate cancer tests promised but not delivered
  167. Avastin may lose significant patient share to Sanofi-Aventis' BSI-201, according to r
  168. Reprints Desk signs distribution deals with seven STM journal publishers
  169. ODAC to review Cell Therapeutics' NDA for pixantrone
  170. Discovery of common single-letter variant in SNP links parental origin to risk of T2D
  171. Scientists discover possible way to identify malignant breast tumors without biopsy
  172. Reform issues in play: Selling insurance across state lines, Medicare’s doughnut hole
  173. RevMed MRI Technology converts standard grayscale scans to segmented, 3D, color image
  174. FDA clears Agendia's MammaPrint breast cancer recurrence test for all ages
  175. Scientists discover new model to asses homeostatic relationships between body substan
  176. Four commonly used chemotherapy drugs disrupt birth of new brain cells, shows study
  177. New statement on breast cancer by ACS underscores value of post-surgical radiation th
  178. Priority Health launches new line of wellness packages for companies
  179. BioMS Medical invests in Spectral Diagnostics to advance treatment for sepsis
  180. Malignant breast tumor detection without biopsy
  181. Possible link between presence of breast cancer genes and infertility discovered
  182. EMEA grants orphan drug designation for pixantrone in Europe
  183. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals announce collaboration in c
  184. Clarient announces acquisition of Applied Genomics
  185. Women eligible for breast cancer screening with MRI decline to undergo the procedure,
  186. New data shows more number of women are attending breast screening program
  187. Cell Therapeutics supports Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals
  188. Pharmadeal Financials database offers information on therapeutic license deals
  189. SenoRx wins patent infringement case
  190. Projects In Knowledge provides support for local, national, and global organizations
  191. Baylor University Medical Center adds Naviscan PEM to its imaging services
  192. Olive oil in prevention of breast cancer
  193. New project analyzes genetic sequence and variations of every gene expressed by 1,000
  194. Stochastic resonance can improve breast cancer detection
  195. New drug to stop cancer cells from growing and to stimulate immune system to destroy
  196. U.S. Congress approves $1.6 million for AdMeTech Foundation's research program
  197. Scientists use DNA sequence to characterize genome rearrangement in breast cancer sam
  198. Thyroid cancer on the rise
  199. CPF, ATS and health groups launch campaign to raise awareness on lung health
  200. Self-seeding process of cancer cells can enhance tumor growth, says study
  201. CGEN-671, a new drug target for multiple epithelial tumors discovered by Compugen
  202. Old Ideas Spur New Approaches in Cancer Fight
  203. apologize, but it is very Impprtant
  204. Results from Bionovo's study on BN107 published in the International Journal of Cance
  205. Acupuncture also improves sex drive while reducing hot flashes in breast cancer patie
  206. CPF reports success in advocacy, research support and awareness of PF
  207. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada named one of the top employers in Quebec
  208. Cryo-Cell International continues to expand R&D initiatives to accelerate therapeutic
  209. Sharing Miracles: A TV program that features inspirational stories of real patients
  210. WDI utilizes DXA analysis for fitness and weight management programs
  211. Yale: different groups of cells from same tumor presumably form tumors
  212. Scientists uncover an important link between inflammation and breast cancer stem cell
  213. EPO approves Advaxis patent application for Listeria Antigens
  214. AP series examines worldwide impact of drug resistance
  215. New campaign to provide retreats for women recovering from breast cancer launched
  216. Anti-aromatase phytochemicals in pomegranates reduce hormone-dependent breast cancer
  217. SBI and ACR publish new recommendations on breast cancer screening
  218. Formatech selects ViroMed’s VM206 for Fillanthropy Program
  219. Komen for the Cure organizes new fitness event to fight breast cancer
  220. Genetic rogue elements could help diagnose breast and bowel cancer
  221. RAD Technology Medical Systems announces breast cancer awareness campaign to support
  222. Findings reveals 'limpet-like' proteins can play a key role in DNA repair
  223. Multidisciplinary care, patient decision aids rarely offered by breast cancer surgeon
  224. Enzon Pharmaceuticals treats first patient in Phase 2 studies of PEG-SN38
  225. Phase II clinical trial results of Liposome-Entrapped Paclitaxel announced
  226. Study suggests pomegranates may prevent growth of breast cancer cells
  227. New guide reflects new breast cancer treatment options and authors' own personal expe
  228. BioVex's Phase 3 melanoma study amended to include first line patients
  229. FDA issues Fast Track Designation to Sopherion Therapeutics' Myocet
  230. Use of technology that expands access to qualified radiologist leads to earlier diagn
  231. Novelos Therapeutics to conclude pivotal Phase 3 trial in advanced non-small cell lun
  232. St. Andrews Country Club hosts 'Morgan & Friends Fight Cancer' Tournament to help fig
  233. Cancer Research UK scientists honorred for science and medical research
  234. Complete analysis of India's ultrasound systems market
  235. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation announces first virtual affiliate of its National Su
  236. Variations in SNPs involved in modulating electrical impulse that govern working of h
  237. Institut Curie, Ipsogen sign scientific collaboration agreement in breast cancer doma
  238. Infinity Pharma: multiple drugs in trial
  239. Detroit paper explores pain of facing breast cancer without insurance
  240. More women die of breast cancer in areas where mammography centers are few
  241. YM BioSciences announces results of cancer antibody-radionuclide conjugate developmen
  242. Multigene test results impact physicians and patients' decisions on breast cancer the
  243. NetApp, Stanford Genome Technology Center build gastric cancer registry powered by Ne
  244. Yoga lowers number of compounds in blood and reduces inflammation
  245. Med-Vision implements Verisk Health’s Explorer solution to reduce clients' healthcare
  246. Mango effective against colon and breast cancers
  247. What's up guys?
  248. Scientists May Have Discovered Why Some Anticancer Agents Cause Heart Failure
  249. Life Technologies to acquire AcroMetrix
  250. Enrollment complete in Dune Medical Devices' MarginProbe pivotal clinical trial