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Magnets against cancer

Comp Med. 2011 Aug;61(4):339-45.
Effect of magnetic fields on tumor growth and viability.

Tatarov I, Panda A, Petkov D, Kolappaswamy K, Thompson K, Kavirayani A, Lipsky MM, Elson E, Davis CC, Martin SS, DeTolla LJ.

Free PMC Article


Comparative Medicine Program, Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


Breast cancer is the most common nonskin cancer and is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women. Most methods of intervention involve combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and ionizing radiation. Both chemotherapy and ionizing radiation can be effective against many types of cancer, but they also harm normal tissues. The use of nonionizing, magnetic fields has shown early promise in a number of in vitro and animal studies. Our study tested the effect of varying durations of magnetic exposure on tumor growth and viability in mice injected with breast cancer cells. Cancer cells were labeled through stable expression of firefly luciferase for monitoring of tumor growth and progression by using an in vivo imaging system. We hypothesized that magnetic field exposure would influence tumor growth and progression. Our results showed that exposure of the mice to magnetic fields for 360 min daily for as long as 4 wk suppressed tumor growth. Our study is unique in that it uses an in vivo imaging system to monitor the growth and progression of tumors in real time in individual mice. Our findings support further exploration of the potential of magnetic fields in cancer therapeutics, either as adjunct or primary therapy.

[PubMed - in process]


In sum, we report that direct exposure of mice to magnetic fields reduced tumor growth and progression. Mice exposed to magnetic fields for 360 min daily for as long as 4 wk showed extensive areas of necrosis in their tumors. Mice in the unexposed control group developed large tumors. In addition, the time of exposure of these tumors to magnetic fields is critical. Mice exposed for shorter durations (that is, 60 or 180 min daily for wk) did not show a reduction in tumor size or growth. The main weakness of our study was the small number of animals used in each group. Our goal was to perform a preliminary study to assess the effects of magnetic fields in tumor growth and viability. In addition, we wanted to optimize the time and duration of the magnetic field exposure. Previous reports2,3,7,15,17 lead us to hypothesize that much longer exposure times for multiple months should be attempted.
Our findings, along with the reports of others, support further exploration of the potential of magnetic fields in cancer therapeutics, either as adjunctive therapy or, in some as yet to be determined specific cases, as primary therapy. In particular, prolonged exposure times and different field strengths and waveforms should be explored.

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