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scans coming up....major fear factor! Help!

Hi all...
I have pre-op scans coming up on Thursday. All in one day, I have to have a bone scan, CT chest abdomen pelvis, mammo and sono on my remaining breast, MRI of my chest and chest wall ultrasound. I'm almost incapacitated with fear that something will show up....it's also very close to my one year "anniversary" and I'm just all of a sudden hit with a wall of fear. How do you guys get through the scans?? Ugh.
Dx at 33 in May 2011
IDC and DCIS in left breast
Stage 2A (T1aN1miM0)
Left Mastectomy
A/C x 4
Taxol and Herceptin x 12
Herceptin every three weeks
Prophylactic Right Mastectomy and expanders on both sides June 28, 2012
May 2012 Bone scan, CT, breast MRI all normal
September 2012 Finished Herceptin
February 25, 2013 exchange surgery and port out
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Re: scans coming up....major fear factor! Help!

Sounds like a case for a little Ativan or similar to take the edge off. There is no reason to suffer when you can have some relief.
That is alot of proceedures at once, for sure. But it might be better than going thru this angst multiple times
Try not to invite problems that dont exist. Stay in the now. Hard to do, I know. During proceedures I try to zone out. Mostly, keep the faith

Post menopause
May 2007 Core biopsy, Rt breast
ER+, Pr-, HER2 +++, Grade 3
Ki-67: 90%
"suspicious area" left breast
Bilateral mastectomy, (NED on left) May 2007
Sentinel Node Neg
Stage 1, DCIS with microinvasion, 3 mm, mostly removed during the biopsy....
Femara (discontinued 7/07) Resumed 10/07
OncoType score 36 (July 07)
Began THC 7/26/07 (d/c taxol and carboplatin 10/07)
Began Herceptin alone 10/07
Finished Herceptin July /08
D/C Femara 4/10 (joint pain/trigger thumb!)
5/10 mistakenly dx with lung cancer. Middle rt lobe removed!
Aromasin started 5/10
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