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Donna H
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red area around eyes

My last Herceptin was May 2015 (last chemo was Sept 2014) yet my eyes still have a red rim around them....not the eyes themselves but the skin - basically where you would put eyeliner. Does that make sense? I had never had this prior to treatment so I am thinking it is something related to that. Yet it's been a few years since treatment so maybe not? Has anyone else had this? I'd also say my eyelids are discolored since treatment (like a permanent eye shadow in a not so attractive color).
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Re: red area around eyes

Hi Donna - I have no feedback but wow, that is really strange! I tell ya, I have had some weird stuff crop up since my last infusion in 2012. No doctor can tell me why it happens but I do think it's still lingering after shocks of all the mixes of the chemo drugs they gave me. Hopefully this will fade away. Do you see a skin doctor yearly? May want to see if they can tell you what it is.

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3/15/11 - Began weekly Taxol/Herceptin infusions along with 750mg of Tykerb taken by mouth daily
6/28/11 - Finished last cycle of Taxol
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Re: red area around eyes


I remember the area around my eyes being red after Herceptin. I believe it had to do with having constantly watery eyes. However, it cleared up within a few weeks of receiving my last treatment. Since you finished treatment so long ago, I'm not sure what it could be. Wonder if you developed some sort of allergy?

Take care,
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11/2013 Hysterectomy, mass from PET/CT scan not cancer (adenomylosis)
12/2013 Finished chemo
1/2014 Double mastectomy with chest expanders
1/2014 Pathology report from surgery and SNB show complete pathological response!
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8/2014 Fat transfer to radiated breast
8/2014 Completed 1 yr of Herceptin
10/2014 exchange surgery expanders removed implants placed
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