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Exclamation Need advice

I am a HER 2+++ PR+ ER+ breast cancer survivor, I am also a registered nurse for the past 20+ years. I have a very loving, caring family, 4 beautiful girls. My family (sisters, brother, parents) have been such a blessing in so many ways. With that, I am the only medical person in my family. I by no means think I know it all, but when I don't understand I research a ton. I have never been on a support page, I think in part b/c I figure I can find all the information that I need and this has proven to be unhealthy and is why I am now reaching out when I should have long ago. I have been in remission for 5 years and I have not talked with anyone including my husband hardly about dx, and everything else that has gone on. Again as I type this I can see this has been unhealthy. While I see I need to talk about some of this with people who understand, I am finding my family is not the ones that I want to talk with. For the past 5 years they try and demand me to go to the Dr. for a sniffle or sore throat. Demanding that I get blood work done constantly and this makes me extremely anxious. If I say "no, I don't need to go, they tell me I am being stubborn. I can't take it anymore, this is only for their peace of mind, b/c it doesn't ease my mind at all b/c even if my CBC look overall good, I fixate on why one little part is slightly high or low and I spend the day researching. I honestly think telling them I am on this forum might help, but any other advice I could use in talking with them before I blow a gasket? They love me and I am blessed but I am about to loose it on them.
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