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Hi Ladies,
Did anyone have the Elisa test taken? What is the significance of this test? Is it like CEA, CA15-3? What ranges are normal vs high? Trying to get information and can't really find any. I'm switching oncologists and he did this test. Didn't hear about this test or know anything about it

thanks so much for your help xoxo
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Re: ELISA Test


The Elisa test itself is general. What exactly are they testing for in you? If it is CA-15 I believe less than 30 units per milliliter is normal

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Re: ELISA Test

Hi Paul,

I think I was give the Elisa test to see about circulating HER2 in my body. CA-15- 3 i think is a different type of test and you're right it is between 0- 38 I believe.
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Re: ELISA Test

Here is a link to information on the Her2 Elisa serum test.

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Same news for 2016 and all of 2017.
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elisa, her2+++

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