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Mastectomy for HER2 +ve metastasis breast cancer.

Hi All,

After my mother's initial diagnosis of metastasis breast cancer(Lungs alone) in March, she had undergone 4 chemo cycles (Paclitaxel and trastuzumab)so far, and she in due with PET-CT scan this week to evaluate the response of the so far treatment. Our MO mentioned if there is good response and tumors in lungs were disappeared they will perform breast surgery (mastectomy).Also, they mentioned if there was no complete response (i.e tumors left in lungs but pretty good response) they will continue with the 4 chemo as curative intent but with different chemo drug and perform PET and decide on the mastectomy after.

I wanted to know from you all about mastectomy in metastasis stage,

In general, after how many cycles of chemo(after 3 months or 6 months) from initial diagnosis of mastectomy can be done?. I agree this will be performed only after finding good response.

Your experiences please,

Thanks All
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Re: Mastectomy for HER2 +ve metastasis breast cancer.

Hi Koushik, Oncology treatment can continue for years and years. I have a friend who was diagnosed with metastatic Her2+ breast cancer in 2014, with tumors in liver, lungs and bone. She has been on ongoing regular treatment every 2 weeks since then, first just herceptin. This cleared out the tumors in liver and lungs completely. She was kept on that as long as possible. But when the cancer began regrowth she was switched onto Kadcyla every two weeks (which is chemo attached to a targeted treatment) for several years, and has side effects but is very effective.
What tumours does she have in her breasts? are they not being affected by the chemo/targeted treatment? I do know a woman who had the tumor in her breast vanish completely, then it returned 5 years later in the same place. With more oncology, it was again vanishing. She decided to have surgery to remove the last bit rather than let it vanish again, so she could feel confident it was gone from her body this time.
I have not heard of anyone with metastatic Breast Cancer having mastectomies, because it is systemic, and I am not sure what advantage there would be to have her breasts removed at that point.
1997-2004 many cysts, many MG & U/S: polycystic breasts.
Sept 2013 found lump,Cyst?? forgot lump.
Dec 2013 GP check, Referred for U/S, MG,FNA.
7 Jan 2014 Radiology: Radiologist turned screen away from me. When asked she said "Not a cyst, very suspicious.See your GP asa results avail."
Cancelled my psych clients for the week.
8 Jan 14 GP: 2.2cm IDC in 6cm DCIS field. FNA=malignant cells. Referred to Surgeon.
Cancelled my psych clients for the month.
13 Jan
14 Surgeon said L mastectomy not lumpectomy, offered neoadjunctive trial, agreed adjunctive chemo after surgery a good choice for me. Booked Body scan and bone scan for staging (both fine) Surgery for16 Jan,
16 Jan 14 Surgeon also agreed in preop meeting to also remove 6cm fatty cyst in job lot. Good job done.
19 Jan 14 discharged home with 1 drain.
22 Jan 14 drain partly pulled out overnight, serious seroma (600 ml reducing removed every 2 days for a month) Serious staph infection because nurse said wait 3 days for yr surgeon appointment.
26Jan 14 pathology: 2.2cm Grade 3(3,3,2)ER-, PgR-, HER2+2 so to be confirmed by Sish test. Node negative. No vascular or lymphatic involvement. No metastases in scans.
30 Jan 14 HER2+ high amplification, 13 gene copies per cell.
21st Feb 14 Began 3wkly TCH adjuvant treatment at The Mount Hospital Perth, with 3monthly MUGA heart tests +Oncologist or Surgeon full physical check-up.
Cancelled my psych clients for 6 months.
Feb 14 First MUGA test: 71%,
First C15.3 test: 20
7th March 14 began Neulasta self-applied injections 24hrs after each TCH treatment. Bonepain helped by spa, heatpacks and
Claritin, reflux/indigestion helped by Somac.
July 14 completed docetaxol and carboplatin, ongoing herceptin to 12 months. Severe cognitive deficit/fatigue after 1pm daily.
Sept 14 Second MUGA test: 69%
Cancelled my psych clients for 2014
Dec 14 Third MUGA test: 70%
Second C15.3 test : 20
Cognitive fatigue delays return to work.

March 2015 Tachycardia pulse 168, night in hospital. Cardiologist says no heart disease, ALIVE ECG attachment for my mobile phone now regular monitoring.
July 2015 Worktrial, up to 8hrs per wk. Fatigue ongoing
Aug 2015 Heart good, no evidence of cancer, just Fatigue.
May 2019 Melanoma 1.5cm Stage 1 by right collarbone(was present as large freckle in 2014 and cut through by breast surgeon to remove fatty cyst at same time as mastectomy.) Melanoma removed leaving scar from shoulder to breastbone. In hospital twice for IV antibiotics. Told catagorically this could not be BC mets.
Dec 2019 Still NED, still fatigue in late afternoon, but have my brain back in the early mornings. So most days I watch the sunrise and hear the birds morning chorus in my bush backyard and am glad to be alive and to be me still.

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