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I would like to share my story with you so that those who are early in this journey my gain some hope. I was diagnosed 7 years ago this month with ER+, PR+, Her2+BC. I was 35 yrs old and had a 2 year old and a 2 month old. I had a mastectomy and soon found out my cancer was in fact stage 4 and had already spread to my liver. I guess to say I was shocked and devastated would be an understatement. No one would offer me much hope at the time. My husband was and is amazing. He did the leg work of our research as I was initially crippled with fear. I ended up doing 6 rounds of taxatere with herceptin. After just 3 rounds no cancer could be seen in my liver. I am currently on tamoxifin and herceptin every 3 weeks. I have remained in complete remission. I know I have been incredibly lucky and feel so truly blessed. I was very strong before all this, a marathon runner and always active and healthy. I have been able to continue my active lifestyle and feel so blessed for every day I have with my boys, husband, family and friends. I no longer feel despair. I believe there is always hope. I never could have imagined that I would be here living such a full and amazing life 7 years later. I wish I would have found this group all those years back. I kept searching for hope. I would here a miraculous story and say "why not me", "anything is possible".
I truly wish my life gives one of you who are fighting with this evil disease some hope. And I look forward to receiving hope and support from all of you.
I'm not much for spending a lot of time on the computer these days but I hope I can be of support to you. I especially can relate to all the young Moms in this group. I have lost so many incredible sisters to this evil disease that sometimes it's easier to move on and try and forget but I know I must offer my support and love to you all.
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Re: Hope


thank you for this amazing story! I was recently diagnosed with MBC (bone mets) and have a five year old daughter. Stories like yours help me stay hopeful!

I hope you enjoy many, many more years!

03/2014: Diagnosed with ER/PR-, HER2+++ MBC (bone mets, oligometastatic)
04/2014: Started 6 cycles of "PHD" (Perjeta, Herceptin, Docetaxol)
07/2014: Finished 6 cycles of PHD; restaging; 2 bone mets are sclerotic - looks like Herceptin and Perjeta is working
10/2014: STABLE!
01/2015: STABLE!
04/2015: STABLE!
08/2015: STABLE!
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Smile Re: Hope

Wow! Thanks for posting this! I am just starting on this journey and your story gives me hope. May you have many more years!
2009: dcis rt side, mastectomy, no chem or rads
2009: rt recon implant.
Jan 2014: stage 4. pain right side, found "too many to individually account for" liver mets. Found right axilla lymph nodes and nearby mass (source). Lung, lymph and bone mets. Brain clear by MRI. Er and pr neg, HER2 +++
Feb 2014: herceptin, perjeta, taxol
July 2014: no active disease, only bone scars and 1 liver scar! Tumor markers all normal again.
Dec 2014: seizure, 3 brain mets (15, 5 and 3 mm)
Feb 2015: Linac Stereotactic Radiation for brain mets
June 2015: no new brain mets, old ones greatly reduced in size. Bod still no active disease
October 2015: New brain Met, zapped by Stereotactic rads, watching another spot
Jan 2016: The other spot grew, zapped again. Still on herceptin and perjeta every 3 weeks
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Re: Hope

Here's to Tamoxifen and Herceptin! Thanks for your story Run2 - I hope to follow in your footsteps.
Best wishes.... Pam
Diagnosed 2004: Lumpectomy - 2 tumours, both grade 1 infiltrating duct carcinoma, about 12mm. ER+,
C-erbB-2 status 3+.
Clear margins, no nodal involvement.
Radiotherapy, i year Tamoxifen, 4 years Arimidex.
Rediagnosed 2012: Multiple bone metastases.
3/12: began on Marianne trial - T-DM1 + Pertuzamab/Placebo.
5/12:Unexpected development of numerous bilateral liver mets. Came off trial.
Started Docetaxol/ Herceptin + Zometa.
8/12:Bones stable +major regression in liver (!)
9/12:Can't take any more Docetaxol! Start on Herceptin and Tamoxifen. Cross fingers!
Changed to Denosumab.
11/12: Scan shows stable - yay!
11/13: Still stable :-) !!!
1/16: All stable, but lowered calcium, so switched to Zometa 3 monthly.
2/19: Happily still stable on Herceptin, Letrozole and 3 monthly Zometa.
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Re: Hope


So happy for your good news. You are really blessed.
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Re: Hope

May God bless us.
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