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Diet and Nutrition By popular demand our nutritional message board. This board will be monitored by a Registered RD who is certified in oncology by the American Dietetic Association

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Old 02-03-2016, 08:43 AM   #21
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Re: Just for fun! Chemo and cravings

I find after an infusion, every 21 days for me, I want a beer! I guess its a reward for getting myself to my dreaded 21 day ball of chain of life giving meds. aA for sugar, I do indulge from time to time but only occasionally. I agree moderation is the key. I am stage IV so I have a tendency to justify things quite easily, who knows how long this life will be, so why not?
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Re: Just for fun! Chemo and cravings

Colleen, Same boat. I enjoy a glass of wine. It keeps from going nuts when I have a pet scan every 90 days AND I CANT GET THE CALL IM SUPPOSE TO GET. Im do for one Tues. Feb. 9 and have not heard from the nurse about scheduling it. Yes I called 2 times.

I have a heart eco on the 8th and hercpetion the 15 th and see the onc. the same day.

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Re: Just for fun! Chemo and cravings

Ariana, yes staying sane is a key issue when you know this is your life.....until? Who knows, so might as well enjoy whatever it is that brings a smile to your face. I like to ride my road bike to my infusions and onc appointments, about 12 miles each way, makes getting there feel like an adventure rather than a chore in traffic. I am supposed to have a scan this month but know I have reached my "stop-loss" for the year, however my oncologist's office is slow to bill so I am delaying to ensure I am minimally out of pocket. Fortunately my scans are now every six months and same with my echos, which makes fewer medical appointments! Yay! My social calendar revolved around medical appointments for awhile. Hang in there and believe you will be okay, the mind is a powerful thing.
*October 2013 mammogram suspicious lump right breast
*Oct. 2013 Breast MRI reveals 2.5 cm tumor right breast 6-7 nodes positive
*Nov 2, 2013 PET/CT tumor right breast, 6-7 nodes include right axilla and one above clavicle, 3.5 cm lesion on dome of liver
*Nov 4, 2013 meet oncologist: schedule port placement
*Nov 5, 2013 baseline echo 65%
*Nov 13, 2013 start THP six cycles every 21 days
*Nov 20, 2013 blood counts now coming back quickly start neulasta following next treatment, no pain and it worked!
*Jan 19, 2014 syncope, ambulance ride to hospital, cracked a tooth and chipped three, six stitches in chin, CT scan shows brain is ok but am required to follow up with neurologist.
*Jan 28, 2014 PET/CT shows great response to THP
*Jan 28, 2013 echo, all is good 60-65%
*Feb 2014 brain MRI, no missing parts and no extra parts, all clear
*Feb 27, 2014 last treatment with taxotere
*Apr 22, 2014 PET/CT shows complete pathological response to THP amen!
*Apr 22, 2013 echo 60%
*continue vitamin H and P every 21 days until...eternity?
*May 2014 emotional melt down, demand port be removed.
*May 22 2014, biopsy of original tumor rt. breast, no cancer cells in 8 tissue samples, amen
*June 2, 2014 Port removed, happy dance! Just couldn't tolerate the port any longer; it never worked properly and was extremely uncomfortable
*July 24, 2014 echo 60%
*August 28, 2014 PET/CT all clear NED
*Oct 29, 2014 echo 65%
*Feb 4, 2015 PET/CT NED!!!
*Feb 4, 2015 Echo 65-70%
*May 19, 2015 mammogram all clear
*May 19, 2015 Brain MRI all clear!
*August 18, 2015 PET/CT NED!!! amen!
*March 8, 2016 CT w/contrast NED
*March 10, 2016 Echo normal
*June 2016 Echo normal
*September 7, 2016 CT scan w/contrast NED
*September 8, 2016 Echo normal
* still receiving infusions every 21 days of Perjeta and Herceptin with no end in sight......
*March 2017 CT scan NED and echo normal
*May 2017 mammogram all clear!
*November 2017 CT scan NED and echo normal
*May 2018 echo normal
*December 2018 ct scan with contrast and nasty drink-all clear!

"Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age."
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