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My mom is doing great she is finishing her last chemo treatment. She was wondering what are some of the effects for radation she has to take 6 weeks of radation treatments. Some people say she will get tired. Please tell us some of your side effects.
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Re: Radation

I didn't get tired at all, but am very active. My skin turned red a little tender but I didn't blister. Dr was predicting I would since I am fair skined. I can vary from person to person. Her Dr will give her some cream to help decrease the effects. Use it! Compaired to chemo radiaition was a breeze just inconveinent to go in everyday. Hope all goes well.
dx: DCIS 6/8/10, HER 2+ 7/26/10; Stage I Age 41
Double mast w reconstruction
6 TCH w 1yr herceptin
25 radiation tx
Removal of expander on L due to infection. Tried to save it had 3 bouts of antibiotics and went to see plastic surgeon 2-3x wk to get drained. Saving it was my idea not his. But lost it anyway.
Reconstruction set for December 21st,2011
Finished chemo 12/2010
Finished Herceptin 8/26/11
Reconstruction 12/21/11
Expanders exchanged for silicon 3/19/12
Nipple reconstruction 5/18/12
Nipple tatooing- 7/9/12- All done yay!
11/22/12-Went back to get scar tissue stretched to even the outside of breast, didn't work due to it being radiated skin.
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Re: Radation

I was very lucky. I did 33 rounds of radiation, Monday through Friday at 7:30 am and then went straight to work. I was never tired and responded over-all pretty great! Like Suzanne, I only turned slightly red, with no blistering and to look at my breast now, you could hardly tell that I had radiation. It looks like I have an every so slight tan. It took me longer to find parking and change into a hospital gown then it did for each radiation session

Good luck to your Mom!!
10/01/10 - Dx at age 44. Found lump after miscarrying & was told it was "probably a clogged milk duct" not so much:
stage II - invasive ductal carcinoma ER/PR+ HER2+
10/01/10 - BRCA test - Negative
11/3/10 -2.5cm tumor removed via lumpectomy, clear margins. sentinal node biopsy - nodes clear!
12/2/10 - port placement
12/2/10 to 3/17/11 - 6 rounds of taxotere, carboplatin & herceptin every 3rd week.
04/20/11 - 6/6/11 - 33 rounds of radiation
4/6/11 to 11/2/11 - 11 additional rounds of herceptin every 3rd week
7/15/11 - port removal
7/5/11 started my 5 year journey on Tamoxifen
9/4/11 -1 yr Chest MRI - CLEAN!!!!
9/5/12 -2 yr Chest MRI - CLEAN!!!!
8/29/12 - Started spotting after being in chemopause 1.5 years. Ultra sound detected 6cm ovary mass & very thick lining. YIKES! Taken off Tamoxifen
9/6/12 - Full abdominal hysterectomy. Pathology report came back clean... thank you baby Jesus!!
9/28/12 - Started Anastrozole
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Re: Radation

Radiation was a piece of cake. My hospital (MD Anderson-Houston) valet parked your car. Radiation was right there. I was in and out in 30-40 minutes. I was tired but it could have been from the drive down and back each day. It was about 3 hours each day. My husband drove and I just enjoyed the ride. I have a permanent sun tan there but that is no big deal. Use the cream. If I had lived closer, I would have had it done before or after work and continued with life as usual.
5/07-clean mamo
8/07-found lump in right breast
9/07-diagnosed HER2+++, IDC, ER-PR-, 6.2 cm tumor, stage 3, 1/18 nodes, grade 3, modified radical mastectomy
10/07-power port installed, chemo begins
12/07-finished 4 rounds AC
1/08 began taxol/herceptin
3/08-finished taxol, herceptin only till end of 08
4/08 30 rads
12/08-last chemo I pray
1/09-port out, YEA!!!
Currently NED and pray I stay that way.
Thank God and MD Anderson!!!
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Re: Radation

I was teaching full-time during my radiation. Yes, I remember the fatigue and the burning skin (the nurse let me trie a sample lotion and then I got a prescription [Did I?])

But 6 weeks goes by fast. Rembmer to encourage your mom to walk/exercise... Cardiovascular activity and endorphin help our system to better cope with the trauma and repair/heal faster and better.

Erythema Nodosum 85
Life-long Central Neurocytoma 4x5x6.5 cm 23 hrs 62090 semi-coma 10 d PT OT ST 30 d
3 Infertility tmts 99 > 3 u. fibroids > Pills
CN 3 GKRS 52301
IDC 1.2 cm Her2 +++ ER 5% R. Lmptmy SLNB+1 71703 6 FEC 33 R Tamoxifen
Recc IIB 2.5 cm Bi-L Mast 61407 2/9 nds PET
6 TCH Cellulitis - Lymphedema - compression sleeve & glove
H w x 4 MUGA 51 D, J 49 M
Diastasis recti
Tamoxifen B. scan
Irrtbl bowel 1'09
Colonoscopy 313
BRCA1 V1247I
hptc hemangioma
GI - > yogurt
hysterectomy/oophorectomy 011410
Exemestane 25 mg tab 102912 ~ 101016 stopped due to r. hip/l.thigh pain after long walk
DEXA 1/13
1-2016 lesions in liver largest 9mm & 1.3 cm onco. says not cancer.
3-11 Appendectomy - visually O.K., a lot of puss. Final path result - not cancer.
Start Vitamin D3 and Calcium supplement (600mg x2)
10-10 Stopped Exemestane due to r. hip/l.thigh pain OKed by Onco 11-08-2016
7-23-2018 9 mm groundglass nodule within the right lower lobe with indolent behavior. Due to possible adenocarcinoma, Recommend annual surveilence.
7-10-2019 CT to check lung nodule.
1-10-2020 8mm stable nodule on R Lung, two 6mm new ones on L Lung, a possible lymph node involvement in inter fissule.

Advocacy is a passion .. not a pastime - Joe
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Re: Radation

I started my first three days in the morning. I found that I did feel my energy zapped a bit. Plus with some delays
that may occur in the treatments the appointments lasted longer than I had hoped. I was working also.
So - I changed my time and made all my appt. the last at night. I was the final patients - at 8PM I would breeze right in and be out in 30 min. Went home and just went to bed and slept through the whole night. Worked like a charm.

Best Wishes to your Mom and congratulations on finishing chemo...almost over the finish line - hang in.

Stage 1, Grade 1, 3/30/05
Lumpectomy 4/15/05 - 6MM IDC
Node Neg. (Sentinel node)
ER+ 90% / PR-, Her2+++ by FISH
Ki-67 40%
Arimidex 5/05
Radiation 32 trt, 5/30/05
Oncotype DX test 4/17/06, 31% high risk
TOPO 11 neg. 4/06
Stopped Arimidex 5/06
TCH 5/06, 6 treatments
Herceptin 5/06 - for 1 yr.
9/06 Completed chemo
Started Femara Sept. 2006
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