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Arrow PDV1 expression in inflammatory bc potentially opens doors to new treatments,

predicts patholigic response to chemotherapy(I meant PDL-1 but cannot seem to correct)

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Oncotarget. 2015 Apr 11. [Epub ahead of print]
PDL1 expression in inflammatory breast cancer is frequent and predicts for the pathological response to chemotherapy.
Bertucci F1,2,3, Finetti P1, Colpaert C4, Mamessier E1, Parizel M4, Dirix L5, Viens P1,2,3, Birnbaum D1, Van Laere S5.
Author information
We retrospectively analyzed PDL1 mRNA expression in 306 breast cancer samples, including 112 samples of an aggressive form, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). PDL1 expression was heterogeneous, but was higher in IBC than in non-IBC. Compared to normal breast samples, PDL1 was overexpressed in 38% of IBC. In IBC, PDL1 overexpression was associated with estrogen receptor-negative status, basal and ERBB2-enriched aggressive subtypes, and clinico-biological signs of anti-tumor T-cell cytotoxic response. PDL1 overexpression was associated with better pathological response to chemotherapy, independently of histo-clinical variables and predictive gene expression signatures. No correlation was found with metastasis-free and overall specific survivals. In conclusion, PDL1 overexpression in IBC correlated with better response to chemotherapy. This seemingly counterintuitive correlation between expression of an immunosuppressive molecule and improved therapeutic response may be resolved if PDL1 expression is viewed as a surrogate marker of a strong antitumor immune response among patients treated with immunogenic chemotherapy. In such patients, PDL1 inhibition could protect activated T-cells or reactivate inhibited T-cells and improve the therapeutic response, notably when associated with immunogenic chemotherapy.
PDL1; chemotherapy; immune response; inflammatory breast cancer; survival
PMID: 25940795 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] Free full text
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