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Thumbs up To Hell and Back

Hello to all you brave people out there.

My story started in july 2001. A girl bumped into me , her elbow knocking my left breast. This did not cause the lump i found, it did make me aware of it and to that girl, i am eternally grateful.

After finding a lump, my doctor referred me to a consultant at the General Hospital. He did a cell check which he thought was 99% cancerous, then a biopsy to confirm. The results were, grade 3 aggressive mallignant 3cm tumour.

I went into hospital for a mastectomy with the understanding i would get a reconstruction but this was not to be. The cancer had spread to the surrounding tissue and into my lymph nodes, 22/24. I had to start 3months A/C chemo then went into clinical trial (Taxotere). 8 infusions 3weekly (nightmares just thinking about it )

The trial proved to be unsuccessful, allthough I didn't know this at the time. I had taken an adverse reaction to it, (it nearly killed me). I had started to swell up, i.e. face, tongue, eyes. I lost my sense of smell, my taste, sight and hearing was also impaired. I got so cold, I had my central heating up full in the house and I wore a fleece at the same time. Needless to say, as this was now the month of May/June. my visitors became very uncomfortable very quickly.
Everytime I told the doctors or nurses, I did'nt feel well, I was told I had a bug or the flu or it was just a reaction to the chemo, very annoying when you know your own body and nobody listens. At one stage, I remember asking for a VET not a DOCTOR. If, at that stage,I had the chance of ending it, God forgive me, I would have taken it.

This lasted 6 months..During which time, I received 6 weeks of rads. I went on to Tamoxifen but after being on it for only 1 year, my cancer returned on the chest wall.

All through this time , I applied for various benefits and was turned down for every one I applied for. I even have a letter, stating that "I created this liability, to take advantage of the benefit system."..!! Oh yes, give me cancer and cut my boob off, cos I might get a rebate. Idiots!!

Forgive me, because I do get very angry every time I think about it.....
After this time and lots of tests, a haemotologist (Dr. Murphy), @ Monklands General Hospital found, after simple tests that my thyroid had closed down completely.

I could'nt talk right, walk right, hear or see right.I was so cold. I looked like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family. Anyone who saw me, thought I was drunk or on drugs. It was the worst time of my life. People stopped recognising me, and finally, I stopped recognising myself.. what chance has anyone else got..

I was put on 175mg Thyroxine and will be on this for life (small price to pay)

The secondary I develloped, was deep imbedded into my pectoral muscle. I was told by my surgeon, Mr Murphy that the muscle would have to be removed. Plastic surgery would then follow to rebuild my shape and I would be classed as 40% disabled...

Mr Murphy tested me for her2 which came back positive and I was told I was elligible for Herceptin and that I wouldn't lose the pectoral muscle at this stage.(Thank God I had Her2) I started Venoralbine/Herceptin in dec, 2003 and have been on Herceptin only for for the past 2.7 yrs. OH so grateful.
Thank God for Technology !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Losing my pectoral muscle is still an option, but while I get good results, well!!!!

I just hope this disease is gone forever but I am also a realist and believe I can go from a 2 times surviver to a 3 times surviver.

I hope that soon, very soon, a total cure for Cancer will be found, but in the meantime, I will pray for everyone affected...

God Bless
Hugs Kisses and Prayers
Geraldine x
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