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Early signs of IBC?

Hi everyone,
I need some info. I was diagnosed in 06 with HR2 and have been taking Herceptin for the last few years,(previous BC in 92,not HR2) 3 days ago, I started having alot of itching on my chest area. I scratched it all day long but didn't look at it, as I had been having very dry skin lately. At nighttime I saw that I had a very red rash all over my chest, not real bumps but all over. The next morning it was not as red because I didn't touch it all night but a real whelp about 1/2" long had also come up on my old scar from '92.I immedatley went to the ocol. dr. and they have put me on a steriod pac to see if will go away with that. Today it seems not as red and the whelp is much smaller. I would like to know if anyone had this kind of symptoms? Did the steriods change the appearance? I want to catch this quickly if it is IBC. Thanks and God bless, nini
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Wink Re: Early signs of IBC?

Maybe you would like to visit the following websites for a list of symptoms.
Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.
Take care.
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Re: Early signs of IBC?

Hi nini,

I was originally diagnosed with IDC in 2005. However, after my mast surgery, I had a small pimple that spread into a welt like rash. A skin punch biopsy was performed and it came back as bc. So my diagnosis was changed to IBC.

I am hopeful that your rash will go away on its own soon.

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