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the story of My love

Roben was dx in sept. 2001 with breastcancer scheduled for lumpectomy in oct. had to be postponed due to her fathers death of bladder cancer.Set again for nov. a lumpectomy was done and three days later the doctor Craig Evans called and said he needed to go back in that the grade and size should have called for a Mastectomy.(I question this surgoen practices). So dec. surgery again this time upon completion (about 6hrs) he reports that all is well but the margains on her chest wall are tight.
Oncologest Dean Butler took us from there.6rounds of adriamicin/ cytoxcinwere given.Roben had to have blood trans in between the 4th and 6th treatment.
Radiation 26 cycles I think. tomoxifin treatmet
Roben seem to do well for about eight months even had a tram flap proceeder done . Then pain showed almost right away. Jan. 2003 reaccurance was confermed in spine 3 spots ,hip , and ribs.
I was devastated and insisted Roben go elsewhere for at least another oppinion we went to Duke clinic and met Kim bkackwell this onclogist just woks in breast cancer only. living some distance from Duke Doc Butler (sweet caring man) agread to let Roben do her chemoes in his office to Doc blackwells orders.Some docs really do care.Doc blackwell wanted roben to have an oompharectomy right away to open up lots more options and get abig sorce of estagin So tis did happen.Femara was the next drug tryed.
3 mnths. and spread again still just in bone. Navelbine was next it lasted 6 mnth. Then to Toxil some relief was found for about 1 1/2 years .(roben hated hair loss 2 worst.)
In 2006 Roben was dx with brain mets 5 some 2 close to the stem. Stereotactic surgery and whole brain rads.after this doc wanted to try Gamzar and gem citabine we did for 3 cycle but the effect were to bad Her blood counts bottomed out and her platlets fell as low as6000. we came off that but damage had been done . Doc blackwell was able to get her on tykerb but her blod count soon elimanated this .
So to try to let her blood recope we were given another hormnal treat ment Fasladex this did ok for awhile 4mths then spots on liver.Doc wanted abbexeine / avastin insurance denied avastin not a breast cancer drug
So we have been doing abbxeaine and wating for our miracle.
I know doc Blackwell will come up with something. Roben just turned 40 this year and is the mother of 2 .girl 13 boy 10.
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