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Post The Army of Women cancelled webinar response from Dr. Joanne Weidhaas

With the Susan Love Foundation, from the start we discussed with her offering results to women, through the study. She said, no, but it would be great if you could offer them outside of the study however you can do that. So we communicated that to everyone that asked throughout the course of the study, and worked to figure out a solution. After they announced the webinar, we spoke again with Susan and she agreed again that we should offer results outside of the study, and we told her about mirakind and our plan to offer results that way. She said she was very pleased. So in an email, from me, from Yale, to the AOW group, I told everyone again that they could not get results through the study, but that we had launched a non-profit, called MiraKind, where people could go to get their results. Idid put in a link, primarily because the group, overall, is not particularly tech savvy. And I did tell women the cost, because I didn't want them to be surprised. But I NEVER sent any email to ANYONE from MiraKind or MiraDx, ever. Anyways, Susan Love, on total misinformation herself, cancelled the webinar and said the company (or companies) had solicited people. Which never happened! It was a shortsighted overreaction, based on bad info. In the end she kind of admitted it, but it was too late, she had sent the email with misinformation. Many many women were pissed at her. They sent her angry emails and she spent a couple of weeks calling them and telling them that she would come and give a talk in their town, help them find non-profit support for their causes etc. She never followed through. This is all information from women that told me what happened. So anyways, all of this wasn't about us, it was about her, but, if someone wants to believe differently, it's ok. We aren't out to villanize anyone, we just are doing what we are doing, and we always, always, do the right thing for the breast cancer survivor. That I can 100% confirm.
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