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Make your own heated hummingbird feeder.

Thought I make a non breast cancer related article for once.

Looks like it will drop to sub-zero for a few nights late next week. You can buy a heated humming bird feeder or make your own as shown below. Being an el-cheapo me, I didnít want to spend $200 for 5. Here are instructions for making a heated hummingbird feeder. Yellow and sky blue squiggly lines show wire connections. Bend a coat hanger to shape to hold and hang the feeder. Clean the feeder weekly now that itís heated which promote mold growth. This design is rain resistance but not rain proof. If the ďtop cupĒ fits snuggly on the bottom cup, and make a few small holes (drainage) at the bottom of the bottom cup then this gizmo is rain proof. See attached image.

Temperature control outlet adapter.

Light bulb socket


Plastic Condiment cup

Electrical cord

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