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Re: early Christmas present--10 yr overall & bc specific survival results just publis

Medicine is called the "Art and Sciences" for a very strong reason.
Give consideration to the fact that we as human beings are so different, DNA, genetics, etc. A slight chemical difference can make all the difference in a patient response to a drug.
We all have our belief system. I think it is safe to say that early dx. is a plus and can make a huge difference (again to some )
but for the majority it is an advantage for early detection.
We also need to educate our daughters and young women to be aware and take the necessary health precautions to assist them to have a healthy life. It is so upsetting to hear, a women who is well past the age of 50 say she never had a mamo. Often hearing they are afraid. That is very sad to hear. Fear of the unknown can and does cripple some. That makes a profound statement to women to take the best care possible of themselves.
There is no doubt that Herceptin was the break thru drug of the decade. Many had to fight to have it (early stagers) that for me was far more upsetting. A person should have the right to be treated as they make the adult choice for themselves. The FDA took way to long to establish a standard of practice for early stagers. I will never forget Dr. Salmon frustration when we met. He was point on that ALL her2 patience should have herceptin. This coming from a man with his credentials speaks volumes. He is cutting edge and way ahead of the pack. But, as any great leader he moved forward. For those who may have not needed herceptin (and may not ever know) God Bless them. For those who did not have Herceptin and did not progress, God Bless them. For the most part this is what we did know. Her2 was a dead sentence for most. We are now seeing for the first time in a decade that tide has changed.....and it is due to herceptin.
We are not seeing the progression of this ugly nasty life sucking disease taking many of us who were dx. early and had treatment and those who were dx. later, living 12 years and more during herceptin treatment.
Stage 1, Grade 1, 3/30/05
Lumpectomy 4/15/05 - 6MM IDC
Node Neg. (Sentinel node)
ER+ 90% / PR-, Her2+++ by FISH
Ki-67 40%
Arimidex 5/05
Radiation 32 trt, 5/30/05
Oncotype DX test 4/17/06, 31% high risk
TOPO 11 neg. 4/06
Stopped Arimidex 5/06
TCH 5/06, 6 treatments
Herceptin 5/06 - for 1 yr.
9/06 Completed chemo
Started Femara Sept. 2006

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