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Re: NeuVax reduces recurrence by 78.4% over 5 years

Yes, I'm serious. I've already clarified I have not received the vaccine as you claimed, and I do not find the claim that patients are being handpicked credible, therefore I'm not "defending it".

No one is pretending the vaccine is going to be available soon. The Phase III has just started and will take time.

I do not have a responsibility to discuss it in what you perceive to be a "realistic light". I shared the information so that those on the Her2support board could see what was coming up in the pipelines, just like I shared many other clinical trials for many other companies.

It appears that you are the one jumping all over me. I do not need to be angry to make a positive change. I believe the best way to save lives is to support the research that the vaccines companies are providing, and to support the research other biopharma companies are providing.

Luckily for early stage Her2 breast cancer the overall survival numbers are quite good so the number of women dying is very small. Realistically speaking the vaccine will be likely be approved within the next few years and I prefer to invest my time in a way that benefits those that need the CHANGE more, such as those who have recurred or were diagnosed with Stage IV.

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