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Perjeta reaction

I'm in the UK and was only diagnosed 3 months ago with primary and secondary BC, with mets unfortunately to my lungs, liver and bones. As you can imagine it has been a rollercoaster 3 months, as I hadnt even known I had cancer let alone secondary. I am HER2 positive and immediately started on Docetaxel with Herceptin and Perjeta (known as Pertuzumab in the UK).

Even more unfortunately, at my second cycle with these drugs I had an anaphylactic reaction to Perjeta - as soon as the infusion went in, struggled to breathe, coughing non stop, blood pressure low etc. All stabilised after oxygen and antihistamine, but my consultant said too dangerous for me to have Perjeta any more. That was several months ago and I have continued on Docetaxel and Herceptin. First scan shows a reduction in all met areas, so good news. However I am still very disappointed I can't take Perjeta. Does anyone else have any experience of moderate reactions like mine to it, and is there anything the consultants can do to minimise the reaction? eg very slow infusion? I had already been given some antiallergen meds before the infusion, and my consultant says he can't increase that dose. He said that the 3rd dose of Perjeta could see an even stronger (fatal) reaction, or maybe not.

I totally understand why he says the risk is too high, but someone told me that Herceptin had a similar reaction in many people in its early days - I am desperate to see if I can give it another go.

So does anyone have any experience of this reaction? Did you give it another go?
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