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Re: Tivatinib (ARQ-197)

I found another article I xeroxed from the Pharmacy I last worked at about ARQ-197 (Tivatinib).

For one thing there were some prolonged stablization of disease when ARQ-197 was given in Pancreatic cancer which often has a quick clinical course. Ill have to search the for specific articles.

As far as breast cancer goes in pts treated with Herceptin and given ARQ-197 experimentally, the incidince of brain mets in one study was more than halved. It seems ARQ-197 has antimetastatic activity.

The list of side effects was more extensive.

Fatigue was most common (about 21%), Nausea (10%)
Diarrhea (6.4%), chills (4.3%), night sweats (4.3%)
Taste disturbances (4.3%), Decreased appetite (4.3%)
Neutopenia (2.1%), Anemia (2.1%) and increased liver enzymes (2.1%)

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