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Re: HKI-272 for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer and Brain Metastases

Do you know who is doing IT perjeta ? For reference for oncologist. How much IT topotecan dose with Herceptin IT? If topotecan is tolerable Thru Omaya that may be the quickest drug to get approved, and get rid of this stubborn one!
dx 1/06 IDC 2cm 38 at dx
2/06 L mast nodes 3/9+ SNB neg ER-/Pr - her2 + Stg 4 liver/pelvis
3/07 6 brain mets WBR down to c-2
4/07 osteonecrosis jaw
1/08 mri new 9mm lesion right lower side
2/08 gamma knife 1 lesion 11/08 regamma
10/09 latent rad necrosis to brain met,
1/20/10 crani: lesion necrosis w active cells continue her add tykerb
1/11 NED just Ingrown toenail! YEAH GOD
8/11 Tykerb, herceptin weekly, elevated her2 levels, negative scans
oct -march 11 new neuro deficits lower legs
3/12 2 spinal metsTykerb, Herceptin
04/12 4050cGY rads T 2-4 & T7-9
5/12 Brain,cervical lumbar clear/thoracic slight decrease
10/12 t 2-4 shrunk t-9 grew start Xeloda, 02/13 stop xeloda,5/13 on metformin, decadron, Tykerb, iv and IT herceptin 5/30/13 total #11 #2 of 80mg dose weekly.
9/13 100mg of IT her, IV hern, 750 mg tykerb, 3mg dec.
last Mri T--3 SHRUNK t7-9 shrunk no edema. Left shift in CBC bone marrow BX negative.
10/13 Ct has shown Double left ureters with stones/cysts in them, after 3 births and lots and U/S iit takes cancer to figure out you have 2 smaller ureters going into 1 kidney!
12/13 Mri brain no new lesions, cervical and lumbar arthritis.
Tspine lesion at T3 stable, T 7-9 GROWTH lots of pain

1/29/14 HIHO HIHO its off to Neuro surgery I go

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