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Re: It's Been Awhile

Hi Kim,
Your alter ego Kim from CT here - It has been awhile for me as well and I am saddened to hear of this progression for you, but happy to see your post right away when I logged on today. I think of you often.
Kick in the gut news that I feel all across the country. First things first - your right arm? Status?
Second - please tell me you are still able to ride your beautiful horses??
Keep us posted please....
2001 - Stage 0, lumpectomy, radiation, tamoxifen

2004 - Stage 4, mets to 4 lobes of lungs and liver, lumpectomy, er/pr -, her2 neu+++, Herceptin and Navelbine then Herceptin only.

2005 - Breast Ca vaccinations with the Tumor Vaccine Group in Seattle

2011 - Still Herceptin only and NED

2011, June - STOPPED Herceptin and kicked up my heels!

2012, February - 1 small tumor came back to haunt me in my lungs - back on Herceptin only, tumor stable.

2015, November - tumor on lungs removed (Segmentectomy), back on Herceptin only
Received U of W vaccine clinical "booster" Vaccine

2020 On Herceptin and NED continues - WOOT WOOT!
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