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Re: Newly diagnosed BC -needs encouraging words

Dear G. Angel

Sorry you had to join us on the journey, but welcome to the forum. The tightness and pain from the surgery lasts a variable amount of time, but should progressively improve. The arm exercises are important. If you don't keep the arm mobile, the shoulder can get stiff and lymphedema is more likely. If you have access to a physiotherapist (aka physical therapist), I would strongly recommend this because you have had a full axillary dissection. It is good that the surgeon gave you exercises, but the physio can really help the arm get moving and teach you how to massage the arm. There are internet sites (youtube) also that demonstrate how to get your arm and shoulder moving.

Once the scar is sealed over, you can use a bio-oil to massage the area and help the skin and tissue to be more pliable.

I had left mastectomy and 5 nodes out and I had good mobility by 5 weeks post-op, but I gather this was unusual. However, I had a puffy axilla (arm OK) and a large bruise in the front fold of the armpit which took months to slowly resolve. Also each time I had chemo, I would get pain in the scar. This makes sense as tissue damage of this type does take 6 months or so to heal and the chemo will disrupt that process a bit. The nerves start grow back in the numb areas and the is also disrupted by the chemo.

This sounds bad, but it does become more comfortably after 6 to 12 weeks. It's just that it stays a bit tender. I haven't had reconstruction, and the breast prosthesis is still a bit uncomfortable. Talk to your surgeon at your visits, particularly the 3 month one, about your level of pain and mobility.

I strongly recommend you use the search function in the top bar to find threads relevant to you, then post a new thread with any other questions you have. (Please put the topic in the thread title to attract attention and to make it easier for others to find.)

Good luck. Hope your first chemo goes OK.

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31mm Infiltrating duct carcinoma
Grade 3, ER/PR-, HER2+, Neg Sentinel nodes x 5
49mm field of DCIS
17 June '13: Screen detected impalpable mass, Mammogram neg, US.
25 June '13: Diagnosed after multiple biopsies and MRIs
28 June '13: Left lumpectomey
4 July '13: Left Mastectomy
12 August '13: Commenced TCH chemo
Mid December '13 : TCH finished. Herceptin continuing three weekly.
4 August 2014- Herceptin infusions finished.
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