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Re: A simple formula for changing the future

I am realizing that part of the process of changing your future involves CHANGING YOUR CONCEPT OF YOURSELF.

For a bit, I saw myself as a cancer patient, a chemo room addict, constant docs and tests confirmed this reality. Rather immobilized by the side effects of chemo, at times I saw myself as a victim caught in a web of pain and angst. I bordered on being an invalid.

To ascertain the manifestation of higher concepts, we have to alter our concept of ourselves.

Your consciousness, your mental chatter and images bring you your reality. Simple, right? Not really. You must bravely and with utter tenacity and determination see and experience your ideal dream outcome. And then you must LIVE it. Now! Pulling it toward.

Present circumstances and conditions must be relatively put aside. The emotional roller coaster of fear, doubt, uncertainty, vulnerability AND THE SENSE OF LACK OF CONTROL must be decidedly curbed IN YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS. Focus all your intention instead -- on your desired goal.

What you concentrate all your attention on, will come to be or be perpetuated. So what ifs hamper your journey to your fondest dreams. Self-prophesy is real. Your mind and your body respond to what you hold as TRUE and make it so. Life reflects what you believe, as a logical realist, or as a dedicated dreamer!

Your concept of yourself includes what you ACCEPT and CONSENT TO as being true. Are you a frighteningly sick person struggling to hold on -- or are you a SURVIVOR, with a long life in front of you??

Your reactions reveal where you live psychologically! It determines how you live in the outer visible world!

Once you KNOW a thing, you are on the road to it. So, arrange your thinking. I KNEW I would survive the day before my mastectomy in 1995. I owned that belief. I lived with joy and serenity, despite the unwanted reality of surrendering a breast in exchange for my life, despite the chemo's side effects. I often saw people staring at me, studying my face. What am I seeing?, they asked. You look -- joyful -- and serene...! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! So, my darling Sisters, I am telling you how...

With my love,

Feedback please. Anda Moo? Does any of this help you? Liz??
Andi BB
'95 post-meno dx Invasive LOBULAR w/9cm tumor! YIKES + 2/21 nodes. Clear mammo 10 mnths earlier. Mastec/tram flap reconst/PORT/8 mnths chemo (4Adria/8CMF). Borderline ER/PR. Tamoxifen 2 yrs. Felt BLESSED. I could walk and talk, feed and bathe myself! I KNEW I would survive...

'98 -- multiple mets to liver. HER2+ 80%. ER/PR- Raging, highly aggressive tumors spreading fast. New PORT. 9 mnths Taxotere Fought fire w/fire! Pronounced in cautious remission 5/99. Taxotere weekly for 6 wks, 2 wks off -- for 9 mnths. TALK ABOUT GRUELING! (I believe they've altered that protocol since those days -- sure hope so!!)
+ good old Vit H wkly for 1st 3 yrs, then triple dosage ev 3 wks for 7 yrs more... The "easy" chemo, right?! Not a walk in the park, but not a freight train coming at 'ya either...

Added Herceptin Nov '98 (6 wks after FDA fast-tracked it for met bc). Stayed w/Vit H till July '08! Now I AM FREE! Humbly and eternally grateful for this life-saving drug! NED since '99 and planning on keeping it that way. To hell w/poor prognosis and nasty stats! STOPPED VIT H JULY '08...! REMAIN STABLE... Eternally grateful...Yes is a world & in this world of yes live (skillfully curled) all worlds ... (e e cummings) EVERY DAY I BEAT MY PREVIOUS RECORD FOR # OF CONSECUTIVE DAYS I'VE STAYED ALIVE. Smile KNOWING you too can be a miracle. Up to me and God now...
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