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Re: Coronavirus - is low vitamin D a factor - vitamin D and respiratory conditions

My latest rapid response to a BMJ editorial letter listing 40+ papers (so completed studies) (some published some pre-print) looking at the impact of vitamin D levels on COVID + patients

They all point to vitamin D deficiency being a COVID-19 risk factor.

There is a vast amount of papers on the underlying biology of vitamin D and immune function.

Depressing there is so much information but so little being done.

As noted in the response the Gates Foundation have excluded vitamin D from funding - why is mystery and utterly perplexing - if there are very likely cheap effective mitigation strategies why not do the necessary research so they can be put into clinical practice ???????

IF anybody knows Gates, Bezos or other persons of influence please show them the letter - the refs are all there to check etc etc. - getting D levels up in the at risk groups may not help pharma or medical system profits but could help save lives, economies, and change the face of this pandemic

Useful video

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