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Re: Creativity is so healing


If artistic creativity is a newly found outlet you probably are not an enneagram 2. I believe everyone has an Enneagram type although the basic type is modified by the wings and security and stress types. You kind of sound like an Enneagram 7 but this is a wild guess. Enneagram 7s tend to be very optimistic, multi-talented, extroverted and anti-authoritarian Thats the type that resists being labeled.

A common point is Enneagram 6. Worriers careful and tend to look beneath the service of statements to find the hidden meanings of often harmless comments. My wife is an E-6 so I know the point well. Usually they love reading mystery novels.

When i was in fourth grade in 1957 there was a young girl named Eleanor. Now I realize she was an Enneagram-2. Very nurturing and artistic. The year before (1956) was the Hungarian Revolution against the Soviet Union and wr had two Hungarian refugees in our class who spoke little English. Eleanor became their adopted "mother."

As I said she was super artistic. Our assignment was to make bookmarks and to name our creations. I was lost. Im a typical Enneagram 5 super scientist and not artistic.
I had no idea what to do. We had to weave colored wool through a "thingy" to make our bookmarks. I was about to use white wool only and call my bookmark "Ghost in a snowstorm."

Then I accidently glanced at Eleanors bookmark. It was absolutely beautiful and multicolored. So I watched the order in which she put in each colored thread and copied it. Lo and behold my bookmark looked just like hers. A miracle. Then I raised my hand and said " Mrs Grossbeck this is not fair. Eleanor is copying my work." Eleanor got into trouble and was shocked. This was her first experience of the unfairness in the world.

The story has a happy ending. Mrs Grossbeck wasnt stupid. It took her a month to see who was the artist and who was the science nerd. Boy did I get i nto trouble. I was to be expelled from the class until I got a note from my father. The situation at home was not pleasant. Eleanor got her revenge. fourfold. I wonder if she remembers mre as well as I remember her. Possibly

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