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Creativity is so healing

I haven't shared here in awhile but I wanted to encourage others to keep looking for healing paths that work.
I'm almost 19yrs past a stage3c where they gave me a poor prognosis.
There's always hope!! )))))
I have found great benefit lately in expressing myself artisticly.
I don't think you have to be 'good' or even really care about the outcome just dive in and have fun creating something new.
I taught myself how to do resin art by watching YouTube channels.
My healing path has taken me to having a home I call a peace house and I put up fun expressions of art inside and out. I just have so much fun creating!
Here's a link to my website
My peace house is also on a Facebook page at Timeforpeace .
I just want to encourage others to be free to look for creating new things and having fun with it.
Be well
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