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Re: THE ABSOLUTE LATEST stats 4 her2+ tumors<2cm ER+,ER-, node+ node- with/without vi

I'm 11 years and 6 months out from diagnosis, never had Herceptin, because it was not yet available in my country for people with such small tumors. I had hormonal tx though. So far no recurrences.

So for those who didn't get Vit H and worry about it: there's a small benefit, but there's still a good chance that you will do fine without it.

Having said that, I think people should have a choice. My doc said that I was lucky that I didn't qualify, because I might have developed heart problems unnecessarily. But if it had been available, I probably would have opted to try it.

Diagnosed age 44, January 2004, 0.7 cm IDC & DCIS. Stage 1, grade 3, ER/PR pos. HER2 pos. clear margins, no nodes. SNB. 35 rads. On Zoladex and Armidex since Dec. 2004. Stopped Zoladex/Arimidex sept 2009 Still taking mistletoe shots (CAM therapy) Doing fine.
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