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Re: Study reveals effective tx for chemobrain

so this wasn't what I was hoping for, "Ganz and Ercoli found that the early intervention group (32 women) reported improvement in memory complaints and test functioning, while the delayed intervention control group (16 women), did not improve in either their cognitive complaints or test performance." Hummm that sounds like, if you have it, then it might be too late. Someone please re-translate...
5/24/14 Found by getting a crumb out of my bra.
5/30/14 Doctor couldn't find it, until I put her finger on it, ordered a Dx Mammo
6/3/14 US core biopsy and marker
6/4/14 Dx IDC 1.5cm
6/5/14 ER+ PR+
6/6/14 met breast surgeon
6/10/14 chest X-ray, clear; blood panel, clear
6/12/14 MRI - now sized at 2-3cm
6/11/14 HER2 overexpression
6/19/14 Saw plastic surgeon, will do skin sparing
6/26/14 BRACA new 2014 guidelines BRACA can be run for adopted
6/20 - 7/7 Lots of different ideas, saw 3 oncologists, changed from mastectomy to Neoadjuvant chemo. with Perjetta
7/16/14 Chemo Cycle 1 of 6; TCHP
12/2/2014 Skin sparing BMx, with TEs, SNB
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