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Re: Any advice for Hot Flashes after chemo?

I found the hot flashes to be almost as bad as the treatments as I threw up at the onset of the flash and had them about once every 5-10 minutes. I spent months throwing up from them. I did go on Effexor I believe it was 150 mg in the end. It helped considerably. I'm so thankful I have them now about twice a day only since I turned 50. They are mild and don't involve puking. It's just an annoyance now.

I believe when you're young, pre-menopausal and thrown into menopause, it's so much worse. The thing is, we can't predict it or even get other's experience. We're all going to be different.

I do hope you get some relief. I fought Effexor, but I couldn't function w/o being on something heavy duty.

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