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Re: Any advice for Hot Flashes after chemo?

I was 43 y.o. when the "chemopause" hit and I had crying spells and hot flashes. Onc said to take vitamin E supplements and they went away within a few days,...
Dx: April1st (yes April Fool's Day!), 2011
ER-/PR-/HER2+++ Tumor grade 3 size:1.6mmx1.2mm
Micromet to sentinel node, 5 auxiliary nodes were clear, stage 1B
April 13th, 2011 Double Mastectomy, no immediate reconstruction
May 2011 to Nov, 2011 chemo AC-TH plus
Herceptin until Sep 2012
11/2012 Began GP-2 vaccine at MD Anderson in Houston (monthly shots until April 2013), now receiving booster shots every six months
Began natural breast reconstruction with BRAVA procedure in Oct 2012
Oct 2012 First fat graft
Jan 2013 Second fat graft
March 2013 Third fat graft
July 2013 Final touch-up with nipple reconstruction
November 2013: Vaccine Booster #1
January 2014 Nipple tatooing
April 2014: Vaccine Booster #2
October 2014: Vaccine Booster #3
April 2015: Vaccine Booster #4 (trial finished)
Dec 2015: Scar treatment with Kenalog and laser
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