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Are we Her2 pos lucky with Herceptin?


I'm new to this. 38 years old from Thailand.
Diag Jul'10 Stg3 with PR/ER pos, Her2 +++
3 rounds of Chemo (red color series), tumor did not reduce after the 3rd time. Dr then switched to Herceptin .. After 3 times of Herceptine, tumor shrinks until lumpec could be done on 12 Dec 2010. 17 from 22 nodes are positive.
I am now on Taxoltexe, Caboplatin (every week due to my low WBC), and Herceptine (every 3 weeks)
Radiation will be scheduled next.

My prognosis is rather lonely here in Thailand. Local articles are mainly on the tragic side e.g. Her2 positive patients have lower survivor rate than Her2 negative ones, etc.

Having come to this site brings me back to life and give be lots of hope. Thanks to all of the contributions written before.

As Her2 positive breast cancer was listed as poor prognosis, any ideas from anyone if we are still unlucky when Herceptin is available?
May I say that we turn to be lucky persons to be able to get Herceptin ???

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