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Talking Re: 'What Cancer CAN'T do..."

Cancer cannot stop me from smiling and saying Hi to those I greet,ng to improve their day as well as my own.

Cancer cannot stop my faith that Jesus knows exactly what I am going through and that He is going through it with me right this very moment.

Cancer cannot stop my having a positive attitude about today.

Cancer cannot stop me from enjoying hearing from my friends.

Cancer cannot stop me from loving - family, friends, nature, animals, sunshine, rain, snow or anything else.

Cancer cannot stop me from being an optimist. It will not make me a pessimist. kathyG/Queazy
Stage 1, grade 3, her+++
er 90%, pr 70%, KI-67 25%
1st Chemo 6/29/11
1st chemo taxotere and carboplatin (no good.)
2nd Chemo - Adriamycin and Cytoxan Hardly any side effects, Thank God.
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