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Re: Vision / off balance when looking up

Sorry I just found this post. sounds like a vestibular problem. The nausea and visual problems are part of it, but it affectcs balance as well. I developed similar symptoms during chemo and they continued to progress after I finished treatment. Eventually, my balance became so impaired I started falling. I had just attributed this to weakness, but it is an actual neurological issue. My oncologist said it was caused by the taxotere and after some persistence, I obtained a referral for vestibular rehab therapy. None of my doctors had any concept about this problem except the MO but she didn't know where to send me for help. An ENT made the referral. The therapy was incredibly helpful. Interestingly, it also helped with my cognitive issues. According to my vestibular therapist, this problem (vestibular hypofunction) is very common after chemotherapy. I have talked to several women who developed poor balance after chemo. Don't give up in seeking help. The therapists know far more than the doctors and validated all my concerns which had been dismissed by my other providers. is a great resource for all balance disorders, which are very common and not necessarily caused by chemo.
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1/13 so far so good:-) have vestibular hypofunction from chemo but its all good since now officially on borrowed time!
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