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Re: The Army of Women cancelled webinar response from Dr. Joanne Weidhaas

Rhondalea, whether you realize it or not, you brought up a lot of the information on 23andme. I thought that you were discussing The Genome Project that my friend is participating in. I asked questions to get to the bottom of why you were linking it with the KRAS variant research. I now see the motivations behind the conversation.

Dr. Weidhaas did not charge study participants to receive DNA results. Like most studies the results are not directly disclosed to the participant. In a blind study the testing results are linked to a number, not an individual. Studies were designed this way to protect the identity of participants. If the study was originally approved this way, then she would not be allowed to disclose the information.

She made arrangements for those who participated to have a physician ordered test outside the study for a reduced cost. Unlike those who were offended, I personally greatly appreciated this effort.
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