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Re: 11 Years bc, 10 Year with mets

You ladies are giving me HOPE.

July 2010, I was dxed with stage 3 b/c. Been thru TCH, surgery, radiation, and a year Herceptin.
Jan 2014, it came back in my bladder and spreaded to liver and lung. I am fighting the same battle another time.
Have got 7 from 8 rounds of Taxotere and Tratuzumap (either Herceptin or Herculis because I am part of a reseach of Mylan company, anybody heard of the name?). And then Tratuzumap until progress decease.

Don't know what will happen next. Having read your stories is very supportive.
Even though treatment choices are not as many as in USA, there are still some ways out if the current one won't work. Thanks to technology.

The most important thing is to thank you Ladies, who've been through tough times and are still here sharing, posting, etc.
dx July 2010 with ER 80% PR - Her2 +++, 7 cm tumor
3 rounds AC (stop after round 3 since the tumor didn't shrink)
3 rounds Herceptin until tumor gets smaller to 4 cm
Lumpectomy on 12 Dec 2010
TCH x 4 (6 are planned but low WBC), 35 hits Radiation, and one year Herceptin
Jan 2014: met to bladder and then liver and lungs
Jan 2014: Operation to remove 3 cm. tumor from bladder
May 2014: started Taxotexe & Tratuzumap (either Herceptin or Herculis, being a part of Mylan research)
Oct 2014, 3: finished 8 cycles of Taxotere & Tratuzumap
Oct 2014, 24: only Tratuzumap every 3 weeks
Jul 2015: progress in bladder - operation and keep on Tratuzumap
Dec 2015: progress in bladder still & met to ovaries
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