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Re: Vision / off balance when looking up

Yes they are aware, on day 5, I was having ocular migraines, just the visual disturbances, so had to go make sure my retnas / retnae (who knows the plural spelling) were fine.
5/24/14 Found by getting a crumb out of my bra.
5/30/14 Doctor couldn't find it, until I put her finger on it, ordered a Dx Mammo
6/3/14 US core biopsy and marker
6/4/14 Dx IDC 1.5cm
6/5/14 ER+ PR+
6/6/14 met breast surgeon
6/10/14 chest X-ray, clear; blood panel, clear
6/12/14 MRI - now sized at 2-3cm
6/11/14 HER2 overexpression
6/19/14 Saw plastic surgeon, will do skin sparing
6/26/14 BRACA new 2014 guidelines BRACA can be run for adopted
6/20 - 7/7 Lots of different ideas, saw 3 oncologists, changed from mastectomy to Neoadjuvant chemo. with Perjetta
7/16/14 Chemo Cycle 1 of 6; TCHP
12/2/2014 Skin sparing BMx, with TEs, SNB
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